May 8: The Beatles Final Album, Let It Be, Hits Shelves

May 8, 1970, was the end of an era. That was the day The Beatles […]

May 8, 1970, was the end of an era. That was the day The Beatles released their final album, Let It Be. Even though they were having issues, they wanted to give fans one more album.

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So they headed to the Apple Records studio and started to pump out tracks. The album got loaded with some of your favourites. Like “Let It Be”, written to tell people to chill out and let things happen. Or the change of pace “Get Back”, which gives you one last opportunity to dance to a new Beatles Groove. They follow it up with “The Long and Winding Road”, which some fans call the beautiful story of the band’s journey in song form. The end result was the band’s twelfth and final studio album.

Even though Let It Be was loaded with hits, it wasn’t an easy album for the band to make. The creative differences they were experiencing led to a lot of arguments. Meaning they couldn’t agree on how songs should sound, which led to a lot of heated arguments.

But as the old saying goes, the show must go on, so they pushed through and created the album anyway. On May 8, 1970, they released Let It Be. And you guessed it, people ate it up which made it one of the most talked-about albums of all time.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after the successful release that the band split up in 1974. The album continues to be one of The Beatles’ biggest releases. It still inspires and reminds people that you can find beauty in even the roughest times.

Check out the video for the song “The Long and Winding Road”. Which we think captures the story of The Beatles perfectly:

Other Notable Rock Events From May 8

1965 – Filming for Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” started at the Savoy Hotel in London.

1982 – Neil Bogart, founder of Casablanca Records, lost his battle with cancer. Casablanca Records was home to acts like Joan Jett and KISS. 

1982 – Vangelis hit number one on the US Singles Chart for “Chariots of Fire”. He was accused of plagiarism by a Greek composer but later proved his innocence by bringing his keyboard set up into the court and showcasing his creative process.

1984 – Roger Waters released his first solo album, The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking.  

1993 – Aerosmith entered the US Albums Chart at number 1 with Get A Grip. the album sold over 20 million copies and earned the band 2 Grammy Awards. 

1996 – A judge ruled against Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s bid to stop Penthouse Magazine from publishing photos from the x-rated tape stolen from their house.

2005 – Bruce Springsteen hit number 1 on the US Albums Chart for the thirteenth time with Devils and Dust.

2006 – The Rolling Stones called off their European tour when Keith Richards had to undergo emergency brain surgery. He suffered a concussion from falling out of a tree on a vacation in Fiji.

Rock Birthdays

1943 – Paul Samwell-Smith of The Yardbirds (Bass)

1944 – Bill Legend of T.Rex (Drums)

1951 – Chris Frantz of Talking Heads (Drums)

1953 – Alex Van Halen of Van Halen (Drums)

1964 – Dave Rowntree of Blur (Drums)

On This Day In History – May 8

May 8th saw some legendary things happen in Rock and Roll. And The Beatles’ final album is a standout among them. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for today!