Neil Young To Release His Entire Music Catalogue Online For Free

Just In Time For Christmas

Merry Christmas, Neil Young fans!

The Canadian music legend announced in a Facebook post that he’ll be opening up his entire music catalogue for online streaming on Dec. 1 – for free! That also happens to be the same day his new album, The Visitor, is released. He described the archive as “a place you can visit and experience every song I have ever released in the highest quality your machine will allow.”

He also revealed that the Neil Young Archives (NYA)will be available to anyone free of charge, at least in the beginning. In a message posted to the archives website, he explained that he’s “very interested in collecting and organization, as well as mechanical things and old school record keeping“. He also says that the NYA is far from finished, and “Information is still being added. The NYA is a living document. All released albums and songs are available for you to enjoy. Thanks for listening!