Metallica Visit Howard and Jimmy to Celebrate The Black Album

The band did a tour of talk shows to commemorate 30 years of The Black Album

Over this week Metallica has been doing the rounds to celebrate 30 years of the Black Album, which many call their masterpiece, but not so much for those who left 1-star reviews of the Black Album on Amazon. True to his fashion, Jimmy Kimmel got Metallica to read those reviews.

You can also check out their full interview with Jimmy Kimmel here.

Metallica also made an appearance on the Howard Stern show where they went in depth on the album, some of their stories, performed a little, and what really has caught the internet’s attention, was James Hetfield being blown away by Elton John singing the praises of Nothing Else Matters and Metallica as a whole.

Here’s the playlist of the full interview for your viewing and skipping pleasure.