Rock Acts You’ll Be SHOCKED Never Hit #1

Do you pay attention to the Hot 100 or any music charts? You’ve heard about them on […]

Do you pay attention to the Hot 100 or any music charts? You’ve heard about them on the radio for YEARS.

In an age of digital downloads and even musicians hitting the chart for songs on Tik Tok, the charts world has become even more complicated. But maybe this is the craziest part of that world: much like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame debates, you are going to have strong opinions on some of the rock and roll acts that have never hit #1 on the chart of all charts, the Hot 100.


Bruce Springsteen

“The Boss” got pretty close, hitting the #2 spot with “Dancing In The Dark”, but with all his hits I can’t wrap my head around him never getting a #1 hit.



Considering how high “Smells Like Teen Spirit” gets ranked every year in “the greatest songs of all time” lists, Nirvana never having a #1 is a shocker.


Green Day

Another song that almost got there, “Boulvevard of Broken Dreams” hit #2 on the charts, but crazy to think nothing from Dookie did?



Believe it or not, “Enter Sandman” didn’t even crack the top ten. Not only that, it’s not the highest charting song from Metallica. That distinction belongs to “Until It Sleeps” which made it to #10!


Pearl Jam

How do you feel about this Pearl Jam fans? Their highest charting song was the cover of “Last Kiss”, which made it to #2.


They say music is subjective, and I guess that even applies to the math that determines what hits the #1 spot on music charts. Obviously none of these facts will deter fans from enjoying the best of the best from these bands, but it’s crazy to think that I have something in common with Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, and Nirvana: none of us has ever had a number one hit!