Matthew Good accused of abuse, dropped by label


Earlier this month, Matthew Good was accused of abuse online and in response to the allegations that have surfaced, Warner Music Canada has dropped him from the label.

According to Global News, Good has been accused of being a “serial abuser” by his former girlfriend Hayley Mather.

Mather, a Toronto-based model and music producer, put up an Instagram post on February 3rd detailing their relationship, explaining that they had been together for three years and she “was engaged to him for about 6 months.” Mather has now made her account private, so the post is no longer visible.

“Matt Good is a serial abuser,” Mather wrote in the post. “During our relationship, I had been cheated on frequently (unknowingly, except for one occasion in which I regrettably forgave him), constantly lied to, sexually coerced, groomed, emotionally and mentally abused and manipulated.”

“Everything that took place was consensual, however, I was told that fulfilling his fantasies were a way to bring our relationship closer together and that it would bring greater intimacy between he and I,” Mather continued. “It did not bring us closer together.”

In her initial post, Mather says that it took her time to share her story because “years of questioning my own sanity, being gaslighted and manipulated and being told I wasn’t good enough” led to “having a mental breakdown and…[taking] a leave from work.”

According to Global News, Mather claims to have been approached by about 12 other women who have similar stories about Matthew Good.

In another post, Mather shared an email allegedly sent by Good on December 30th, 2020. “There are a great many things I can easily be accused of,” the email reads. “And the majority of it is true. But then, you’d have to have lived my life to know why those things exist. I am who I am, which is obviously a pretty fucked up person. You don’t have to tell me that.”

Warner Music Canada has since dropped Good from the label, sharing a statement that reads, “Warner Music Canada has seen the recent allegations against Matthew Good and take them very seriously. We have parted ways with Matthew Good.”

In response, Good has shared a statement about Warner Music Canada’s decision, which you can read in full below.