Special Art Creation Added To Rock 95 Birthday Bash!

Another special feature has been added to the Rock 95 Birthday Bash, which will help support the Rock 95 Toy Drive!


A local artist is going to be doing something pretty unique at the Birthday Bash this year. On top of the triple bill featuring David Wilcox, Sloan, & Finger Eleven, (plus all the other surprises), an original art piece will be created.

Sean William Dawson is going to be situated close to the stage, creating a piece inspired by the music. He will be using multiple, mixed-media, including a few surprises. He has made a career out of creating original pieces out of repurposed items. This piece will be auctioned off as part of the Rock 95 Toy Drive.

What exactly is a mixed-media artist? Listen to Dawson discuss his unique career, explain how he creates his art, as well as his recent projects that have led to a youtube page. And, hear how McCully got to choose the canvas for the Birthday Bash piece. This is going to be pretty cool!

More on Sean William Dawson’s youtube, including the process of this piece, can be found here & follow along on his instagram here!