Lawsuit Filed Against Drunk Driver After Killer Crash In Vaughan

Three children and their grandfather were killed

A $22.5M lawsuit has been launched against a convicted drunk driver and his family’s business. Marco Muzzo pleaded guilty this year to impaired driving causing death after a crash a year ago in Vaughan that left four members of the Neville-lake family dead – three children and their grandfather. Muzzo was sentenced to ten years in prison – one of the harshest sentences handed down for the crime. The Toronto Star reports the suit, brought by members of the Neville-Lake family, claims Muzzo has behaved with high-handedness and with disdain for the rights of the plaintiffs whose lives have been significantly impaired by the loss of their family members. It goes on to say it has affected their ability to earn a living. A statement of defence is expected to be filed soon.

photo: Canadian Press via Toronto Star