Paying For Premium May Not Pan-Out

AAA says Americans wasted $2.1B dollars last year paying for premium

You may not be doing your car any favours by filling up with premium gasoline. You won’t be doing it any harm, but AAA in the U.S. says the benefits of using premium in terms of horsepower, fuel economy and tailpipe emissions just aren’t there – that regular gasoline will suffice in most cases. It says while most car engines are built to run on regular gasoline (only 16% of vehicles sold in the U.S. require premium fuel), some car makers require or recommend the higher-octane, pricier versions most to meet promised power output and fuel economy figures. That has led to the belief that premium blends — which on average cost 23% more than regular gasoline — equal better-run cars, regardless of model or make. AAA says that’s not the case.

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photo: via internet