Eddie Vedder Donates $10,000 to Family in Need

He saw her Craigslist post and decided to help out

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder spread some Christmas cheer of his own over the holidays after seeing a single mother’s plea on Craigslist. Tyshika Britten is a mother of six. She wrote that her family was facing eviction and that she had no money for Christmas presents.

Both the Craigslist post (which has been removed) and the article in the Washington Post went viral. When Vedder saw it, he mailed Britten a check for $10,000 because he said it reminded him of his own childhood and he wanted to give the family a bit of help towards ending their troubles.

Vedder wasn’t the only one touched by the Craigslist ad. People sent the Britten’s a bunch of Christmas gifts and someone started a GoFundMe Campaign, which raised over $18,000 for the family.

(cover photo via Eduardo Pelosi flickr)