Disneyland’s Private Members-only Club

Membership Costs $12,000 a year … after a $25,000 initiation fee

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A private members-only club called ‘Club 33′ exists at the Disneyland parks in Anaheim and Tokyo, and has now been discovered at the new Disney park in Shanghai, China. An Instagram post from a senior Disney exec shows a menu cover with a ’33′ logo, tagged with the location “Club 33 Shanghai Disneyland.”


It’s not clear how many members the Shanghai club has, though membership is said to be limited to just 500 at the Anaheim park where the original club opened in 1967.

Disney reps aren’t keen to discuss the existence of the exclusive club whose membership fees are believed to be in the neighborhood of $12,000 a year … after a $25,000 initiation fee!!!



Image via Sam Howzit