Census Is Due Today. But Do You REALLY Need to Fill It Out?

The Short Answer Is Yes!

Today is the deadline for having your Canadian Census form filled out.  You have until late tonight to have it complete and in to the Government, or you can expect to have the Government to come calling on you.

The census is meant to act as a “snaphot” of what is happening with people in Canada on this exact date in history.  It helps the Government both on a national, regional and even local level plan for the future.  The information gathered is also used in statistical research of various forms.

What happens if you don’t fill out your census?  Well, at first, people would get a gentle reminder that they need to have their census form filled out because after all it is the law to have the form filled out whether on-line or over the phone.  After an initial note, people might receive a call from Stats Canada asking if they need help to fill out the form, and if that still doesn’t work, you might actually get a knock at your door from one of the 1,000’s of Stats Can enumerators who are responsible for having everyone in Canada counted by mid-Summer.

If someone refuses to fill out the census form completely, they could face the possibility of fines and even time in jail, so if you don’t like to be hassled by someone making you do something you don’t feel like doing, it’s probably best to get the form done and submitted on your own, before they come to make to do it.