Arkells clap back at Doug Ford over Hamilton comments


The Arkells’ ascension to Canadian rock icon status has not come without keeping things grounded on the homefront. The Hamilton, Ontario-based quintet took issue with comments from premier Doug Ford on Tuesday, taking to Twitter to rebut his comments about their hometown.

Ford blasted the NDP during Tuesday’s legislative session at Queen’s Park, saying “Hamilton has been ignored. It has been run by the NDP, the socialists, who destroyed the city for years.” Not a great start on that promise to work together in the post-federal election era. Arkells were not having Doug’s rhetoric on this day.

“Some might say the fortune of rust belt cities has something to do with globalization, and private businesses abandoning their workers for cheaper labour,” the band said via Twitter. “But sure, let’s blame it on socialists.”


This isn’t Arkells first dance with Doug Ford. The band lent their song “Relentless” as a battlecry against the province’s cuts to the Ontario Autism Program in the winter of 2019.

Ford did not back up his “socialists destroyed Hamilton” claim with any data or evidence. The Arkells’ tweet earned a share from provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath.