Alec Baldwin Will Bring his Trump Back to ‘SNL’

Expect an angry trump tweet about this in the near future

A few months ago, Alec Baldwin said he was hanging up his toupee and that he wouldn’t be appearing as Trump on Saturday Night Live anymore. This news had everyone wondering who will be replacing him?

We don’t have to wonder anymore because Baldwin confirmed that he will be returning to SNL next season. He told CNN Monday that although he is definitely reprising his role as Trump, viewers will get “a couple celery sticks” instead of a “whole meal” due to his busy schedule.

Baldwin’s Trump impersonation and other surprise appearances like Melissa McCarthy’s recurring role as White House press secretary Sean Spicer helped SNL to see some of it’s best ratings in almost 20 years. Some industry experts are even claiming that he will win an Emmy for his performance as POTUS.

Saturday Night Live‘s 43rd season premiers this fall.