‘Stranger Things’ Creators Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing Show Idea

On A Scale Of One To Ten This Story's An Eleven

TMZ just reported that Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer are being sued for allegedly stealing the popular show idea from writer, producer, and filmmaker Charlie Kessler.

Kessler produced a short film called “Montauk,” which premiered in 2012 and even won an award at the Hamptons International Film Festival. The flick revolves around top secret government experiments, which is a similar issue that our friends in Hawkins deal with.

Kessler states that in 2014 he took this film and actually pitched it to the Duffer Brothers in hopes for it to become it’s own series. The brothers expressed zero interest in the idea and any wishful thinking died right there.

When Kessler found out about the series, he couldn’t believe it. He claims the brothers stole his “script, idea, story and film” to create the hit series. Apparently even when the duo sold the deal for the show, it was titled “The Montauk Project.” Yikes.

The “Montauk” creator wants “money and destruction of all materials that were allegedly ripped off from his concept.”

Photo cred to Wikimedia Commons