Second Of Two Franklin Expedition Ships Found

Has served in War of 1812 before embarking on Northwest journey

Found it! A crew of nine on a research vessel in Nunavut has found HMS Terror – the second of two Franklin Expedition shipwrecks. The two Royal Navy ships had set out in 1845 in search of the Northwest Passage to Asia. The 129 crew members died when the ships became trapped in thick ice. A remotely operated underwater vehicle equipped with a camera was sent into the frigid water, beaming back images of a bell , a cannon, a double-wheeled helm on the stern in perfect condition, and captain’s quarters with four windows – glass still intact in all but one. The hatches on the wreck matched with drawings of the HMS Terror, and the ship’s steam engine had an exhaust pipe in the right spot. The first ship, HMS Erebus, was found in 2014. Click here for more on this story.