Liam Gallagher Asks Brother Noel To Get Oasis Back Together

"I forgive you now let's get the big O back together"

This week, on the ongoing adventures of the brothers Gallagher…

In a Twitter post on Thursday that’s surely to be refuted by its own author to mean something else entirely, Liam Gallagher appeared to plead to his brother Noel to get Oasis back together. Liam began by questioning his brother’s purported tendency to play gigs where there’s no alcohol served, calling it the “BeZarist thing” he’s ever done.

Liam then went on to suggest an Oasis reunion, and that the brothers “stop fucking about.”


What does it all mean? Probably just more fuel to fire the feud, or keep interest piquing as festival season winds down and the majors begin looking for massive bands to reunite for the 2019 season.

Both Gallaghers released solo albums earlier this year, and they’ve kept things interesting for fans and media by pitting a scissor player against a potato peeler, Liam comparing Noel’s wife to Vladimir Putin, and Liam admitting he can’t play one of the band’s biggest songs on guitar.

So, let’s hold out hope for that reunion and wait and see what’s next from this circus act.