Barrie Integrity Commissioner Had a Slow Season

Two Formal And Seven Informal Complaints Made Against Council

Barrie’s councillors seem to be on their best behaviour. An Integrity Commissioners Report was submitted through City Hall at the regular Monday night meeting, and it shows of the two official complaints and seven unofficial ones lodged against council, none involved any actual impropriety by council. City of Barrie’s General Manager of Community and Corporate Services Dawn McAlpine says council is prepared beforehand.

She adds council does reach out in times of need.

Of the formal complaints, one involved accusing a councillor of using their position to get a developer preferential treatment with the city, while another alleges a councillor’s using social media to support a community fundraising initiative lacked the decorum of office. McAlpine says the low number of complaints is indicative of the good training an agreeable group received.

The Integrity Commissioner’s Report covers a span from June 2016 to the end of December 2017.