Arkells Perform At Winter Games

They were actually in South Korea!

It all started with a playful tweet from the Arkells that then turned into the band actually going to South Korea for the winter games and performing!

Lead singer of the band, Max Kerman said it actually started earlier when he enlisted ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir to help promote their upcoming show in Hamilton. “So that happened the day the Olympics kicked off and then we got a tweet from somebody at Canada House here in Korea saying, ‘We’ve been listening to Arkells 24/7,’ so we tweeted back, ‘We should probably just come to Korea to play for you,’ and then it happened.”

“When we sent the tweet, it was pretty innocuous and we heard rumblings that … Air Canada wanted to fly us over here, but nothing was for sure until they tweeted at us. We were like, ‘Sweet, we’re going to Korea, fellas!’”

They had some Korean food, watched the women’s gold medal hockey game and of course, performed!

They did a campfire set at Canada House on Saturday morning for Canadian athletes and their families. It was for about 100 people. Then they did a 90-minute set for hundreds and there was even a little karaoke mixed in:

We can all live vicariously through the Canadian athletes in these fun videos:

They certainly had a great time!

Forget retiring! Tessa might have a second career now – back-up dancing!

It’s a giant Arkells and Team Canada dance party!