Arkells’ Christmas Song ‘Pub Crawl’ Is Based On A Band Tradition

It's an Amazon Music Holiday Original

The Arkells have a new Christmas song out called ‘Pub Crawl,’ which is based on a band tradition. It happens every time at Christmas when they return to their hometown of Hamilton from tour over the holidays, according to the band’s lead singer Max Kerman.

“I was thinking about how much it means just to spend time and catch up with friends when you’re back in town,” says Max. He went on to say that they spend a lot of time on the road so Christmas time is for catching up with people.

So how do they all reconnect? They go on a pub crawl in the Hammer!

Max says the song starts out very slow and serious but then gets faster and sillier as it goes on which mirrors the kinds of nights that they have. One of the things they do when they go out with friends is to have everyone throw their credit card into a hat and the last two pulled have to settle the bar tab, like credit card roulette.

How can I get an invite to an Arkells Pub Crawl? (Post-Covid, of course!)

Take a listen to ‘Pub Crawl’ below:

The band promoted the song before its release by giving it to pubs across Canada and if fans requested it, they’d play it.