Arkells’ Max Kerman Talks Arena Anthems And Orillia Memories

He also weighs in on being Canada's Official Unofficial Hype Band

It’s a show that has been literally Years in the Making.

When I first started chatting with Max, he brought up how it had been a hot minute since Arkells were in town, and they are ready to light the Sadlon Arena up tomorrow night.

Tickets are still available but they are limited! You can grab them here.

One thing you will get at an Arkells show is at least one audience request. Before you would call the hotline, now it’s as simple as sending the band a DM.

Arkells have been around since 2006, and they have seen the evolution of the internet and social media, and how that evolved how they interacted with their audience. Oh, and their MySpace page. 

They headlined the Grey Cup, and it seems like every Canadian sports team ever has used their music, it seems like Arkells are becoming Canada’s Official Unofficial Hype Band and if I wanted to see if they planned for this title.

 We visit the Campfire Chords album and get into one of the most sentimental tracks the band has put out to date, A Little More.

I got Max to go into how the audience can make the show even better for them while on stage.   

Max also surprised me with this impromptu spelling quiz and the go into his memories from Orillia and his band’s relations to central Ontario.