WATCH: Arkells New Video Filmed At Devil’s Punch Bowl In Stoney Creek

The waterfall has become a popular tourist attraction.

In the Arkells’ latest single ‘All Roads,’ the band sings about going home, whether it’s to a person or a place.

“As we start to find out footing on a road back to some normalcy in our lives the sentiment ‘all roads lead me back to you’ is about trying to find your way back home,” frontman Max Kerman explains. “Home could be a person, a place, or a personal truth – the goal is to keep moving, keep learning, and you’ll find your way.”

In the video, the band is seen at the popular tourist destination just outside of Hamilton, the Devil’s Punch Bowl waterfall.

Check out the cool drone shots below:

YouTube / Arkells Music

I also just so happened to be at that waterfall recently and it truly is a gem.

The song is also being used in this commercial encouraging us to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

YouTube / This Is Our Shot to be #TogetherAgain