After All the Drama, One Former Pearl Jam Drummer Won’t be Attending the Rock Hall Induction

he has prior obligations

It all started when it was announced that Pearl Jam was to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One of their former drummers, Dave Abbruzzese went on several rants about not being included in the nomination.

Then, Pearl Jam decided they’d be including all five of their former drummers in their induction via hand-written letter posted to Twitter.

Now, Matt Chamberlain has opted not to attend the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction citing prior commitments.

He stepped in for Dave Krusen temporarily and toured with the band on a string of dates through 1991. He was also part of filming the music video for “Alive”. He was offered a permanent position with the band but turned it down. This is what he told the Seattle Times:

“I toured in the van with them, played a bunch of clubs — I had a good time, definitely had a good time. They wanted me to join the band, but Edie had just broke up, I had just got off the road after touring for four years straight — I could not imagine doing it again. But I’m still real good friends with them.”

Chamberlain has had a successful career as a session drummer. He just wrapped a tour with Soundgarden when their drummer Matt Cameron had to bow out due to Pearl Jam commitments.

(cover photo via wonderferret flickr)