You Can “High Five” City’s First Mayor At End of Barrie Waterfront Heritage Trail

Willard Kinzie Landmark Recognizes Former Mayor's Contribution to Establishing Trail

A new landmark unveiled on the outskirts of Barrie today, allows you to “high five” the city’s first mayor. A bronze handprint of Willard Kinzie now stands at the very end of the Barrie Waterfront Heritage Trail. The trail is Kinzie’s brainchild, after pushing for a path that shows Barrie’s history from the ice age onward, and he got the idea to cap the trail off with a landmark from a trip down south.

Kinzie points out the using of his hand on the landmark wasn’t his idea.

The landmark was unveiled at the end of the Barrie Waterfront Heritage Trail, an in-progress project Kinzie championed.

Barrie City Council approved the trail in 2012, while it is expected to be completed next year.