Wild Bison Reintroduced At Banff National Park

For The First Time In More Than A Century

Wild bison have been absent from Banff National Park for over 100 years. In the 19th century the animal almost went extinct as a species, but thanks to Banff National Park, they were saved. It’s a homecoming of sorts, as Parks Canada were able to reintroduce the bison to the same park that saved them a century ago.

In total, 16 bison were airlifted in shipping containers from Elk Island National Park. Elk Island played an integral role in the conservation of American bison. The animals were mainly pregnant 2-year-olds and will stay closely monitored by Parks Canada for 16 months.

As reported by CBC, in the summer of 2018 they’ll be allowed to roam even further where they can interact with other species native to Banff, and create their own life by integrating into the ecosystem.

Below you can watch a video of how Parks Canada transported the wild bison, then released them into the park.