Crazy Calgary Stampede Foods for 2022 have Been Released

The stampede runs from July 8-17

The Calgary Stampede is always an innovative place in terms of unique foods…this year is no different.

They’ve released the midway food lineup for the year and there are over 40 new food items that will be available.

Here are some of the crazier sounding ones:

Crazy Tongue Pizza

Vine-ripened, and naturally sweet crushed tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, slow braised AAA Alberta cow tongue, natural pineapple, caramelized onions, and a Baja chipotle drizzle.

Bad Breath Lemonade

Refreshing ice-cold lemonade with a smooth, delicious garlic & caramelized onion finish.

Unagi Sushi Taco

Tempura nori taco shell with BBQ unagi eel, sushi rice, crab meat mixture, and julienned cucumber, drizzled with signature BBQ eel sauce.

Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese

A signature four cheese blend sandwiched between a glazed donut, with the choice of your favorite protein, to drive your taste buds crazy.

Kraft Dinner Soft Serve

The familiar taste of macaroni and cheese combined with a creamy coolness of soft serve ice cream.

Meal Worm Hot Dog

All-Beef Meal Worm Hot Dog, made using meal worm protein, whole roasted meal worms, and beef, topped off with your favorite condiments (Meal Worms are high in protein and safe to eat).

Cricket Hot Dogs

All-Beef Cricket Hot Dog, made using cricket protein, whole roasted crickets and beef, topped off with your favorite condiments (Crickets are high in protein and safe to eat).

There are a TON more crazy unique foods available. Check out the full list here.

(cover photo via Chris Wedman/Calgary Stampede flickr)