10 Delicious Caesar Garnishes You Need To Try

You Really Can Put Anything On Your Ceasar!

The Caesar is Canada’s National Cocktail and is considered a hangover cure. A basic Caesar is made up of vodka, Clamato, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. Traditionally, you garnish a Caesar with celery … but you can amp it up with all sorts of different ingredients. 

My kind of Caesars are the ones with the most toppings. It’s like getting a free meal with your drink! 

If you like to experiment with your Caesars, here are 10 garnishes you should try. 

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1. Celery

Celery and Caesars are a classic pairing. While it may not be overly exciting, celery gives you a refreshing crunch and makes a great stirrer. 

It’s also said that celery acts as the perfect palate cleanser between sips. It cuts through the tomato juice, cools the heat and, while it has a simple taste, adds additional flavours to the experience.

2. Pickles

Use a pickle spear as your main garnish or layer chunks of pickle on a skewer along with other garnishes. Whatever you choose, the pickles will add a satisfying crunch and new flavor to the classic Caesar. 


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You can even experiment with different types of pickles such as dill, gherkins, German or bread and butter. Or you can try different pickled garnishes like beans, onions, mushrooms or cauliflower. 

3. Olives

Olives are a popular garnish for a number of cocktails and mixed drinks so why not add them to your Caesar. The sweet flavour of Castelvetrano olives are especially tasty in savory cocktails but you can try any olives you have on hand. 

They’re also perfect for layering on a skewer with other garnishes. 

4. Feta Stuffed Peppers

Hot peppers and cheese can be a delicious snack on their own, but they’re also a great addition to your Caesar. The flavors of the garnish will complement your drink and the heat of the pepper is cooled by the Clamato and cheese. 

5. Lobster Tail

Do it up East Coast style and add a lobster tail to your Caesar. You can even drizzle it with lemon juice and butter before you use it as a garnish. The flavours will go perfectly with the clam juice and make this everyday drink a luxury experience. 

Lobster isn’t your thing? Add shrimp as a garnish instead. You can even add some horseradish to your drink for a shrimp cocktail/Caesar mash-up.

6. Grilled Cheese

While it won’t make a great stir stick, grilled cheeses are perfect for dunking in your Caesar. Try different cheeses or grill it with garlic butter for even more flavour. 

7. Pepperoni stick

Pepperoni sticks are another fun addition to your Caesar. The savory garlic and seasoning can help boost the taste of the Clamato and can add some extra spice. 

8. Bacon

Slow and low is the key to cooking bacon if you want to use it as a Caesar garnish. This will properly render the fat so that you get a perfectly crispy piece of bacon. 


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Take it to the next level (and make it even more Canadian) by drizzling maple syrup over the bacon to candy it while it cooks. 

9. Asparagus

Asparagus is another tasty garnish you can use for your Caesar. You can steam, roast or pickle it before you add it to your drink. It also pairs well with cured meat and olives.

10. Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs are a tasty snack that go all the way back to ancient Rome. Maybe the Roman Caesars even ate them … 

Fun Fact: The drink’s Italian inventor, Walter Chell, named it after Caesar. While it’s commonly associated with Julius Caesar, a number of Roman leaders took on the title of Caesar. 

Regardless, skewered devilled eggs make a tasty addition to Caesars. You can use a classic recipe which includes mayo, mustard and paprika. Or, you can chop up and add other tasty Caesar garnishes like asparagus, pickles or pepperoni for even more flavour. 

Afterall, who says you have to choose just one? The more the better!

This one comes with hamburgers, chicken wings, onion rings, a pulled pork mac & cheese, and a brownie! Because … why not?!


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If you’re still a little nervous about making a fancy Ceasar, Then check out this video on how to make the perfect cocktail to celebrate the most Canadian of drinks!