10 Places Where You’ll Find The Best Poutine In Canada

Fries and Curds and Gravy...Oh My!

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Poutine is a delicious mix of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds that was invented in Quebec in the late 1950s. Though there are different stories about how this dish started, one thing is for sure … poutine is Canada’s favourite dish.

Here’s where you can find some of the best poutine in Canada. Careful not to drool!

1. Whistle Stop Café in Peterborough, Ontario

Whistle Stop Café has incredible poutine, but even better is the fact that they serve over 100 variations of the dish! Dine on the Honey Mustard Rib Poutine, the Greek Poutine, or the Crispy Mac & Cheese with Bacon & Jalepeños Poutine (pictured above) … just to name a few!

2. Joe Beeverz Bar & Grill in Brandon, Manitoba

This Canada-themed bar serves some of the best poutine I have had.

You can order the “Christmas” (a poutine topped with ham, gravy, and cranberries), the “Andrews Field” (a poutine decked with toppings and wrapped around a foot-long hot dog), or the “Blackened Steak and Parmesan Poutine” (exactly what it sounds!).

Fun fact – they once made the world’s largest poutine!

3. Big T’s BBQ in Calgary, Alberta

The secret is in the gravy at Big T’s. It’s made of drippings from the smoker and filled with Southern-style pulled pork.

Is your mouth watering yet?

4. Ches’s Famous Fish and Chips in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Described as “magical” by customers, the fish and chips at Ches’s are made with prime ingredients and come in huge portions!

Their poutine? Made from fresh-cut fries and smothered in delicious toppings!

5. Kenzington Burger Bar in Barrie, Ontario

This is my hometown favourite!

Kenzington Burger Bar not only serves incredible poutines but also Gar-Par Fries, which is a mix of garlic fries, parmesan curds, and rosemary mayo. So delicious!

6. The Banquise in Montreal, Quebec

This poutine joint is well renowned for its incredible poutine and variety of options.

Best of all, night owls love that it’s open 24 hours! That means you can satisfy that craving whenever you want.

7. Le Gras Dur in Montreal, Quebec

If you’re looking to put a little class in your poutine, then this is the place to go!

With gravy made from veal, beer, and bacon, and fries topped with stuffed sausages, chicken schnitzel, swiss cheese, and braised cabbage, you can’t get much fancier (or tastier!).

8. Willy’s Poutine in Halifax, Nova Scotia

This was by far my FAVOURITE poutine on my trip across Canada, if not of all time.

It was a local that brought me here, explaining it’s everyone’s favourite place to go after a night at the bar. It’s not hard to understand why with massive portions, delicious mushroom gravy, and a cheese curd in every bite.

9. Fritz European Fry House in Vancouver, British Columbia

This was my second favourite poutine on my trip!

This little poutine shop is open late (4 AM on weekends) and is so incredibly tasty. The best part is the many sauces they sell. I was dipping my fries into them with every bite!

10. Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal, Quebec

Another high-end style poutine, this one is made with fries cooked in duck fat, cheese curds topped with foie gras, and two kinds of gravy (one of which is beef, and the other is a mixture of eggs and melted foie gras). How incredible does that sound?

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