Watch: The Cranberries Reveal Animated Video For ‘Wake Me When It’s Over’

With Vocals By The Late Dolores O'Riorden

Irish alternative band The Cranberries have just unveiled a music video for their single, “Wake Me Up When It’s Over,” off of their final album, The End.

The Cranberries had collaborated with students of the Limerick School of Art and Design, which so happens to be the band’s hometown, Limerick, Ireland. The video for the track, which is sang by late frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan, is a surreal, dreamy animation that follows a woman running past several painted landscapes. She passes by a dead lion and elephant, who disintegrate into pieces as she picks up speed. As she keeps running as she transitions into several animals including a deer, a polar bear, and a dolphin. By the end of the video, she turns back into her former self.

Creative Director Tom Clancy went on to explain the song “could be interpreted as representing mother nature, through a feminine superhero who is attempting to overcome all that crosses her path. On her journey, she morphs into various animals whose habitats exist between land, water, and sky.”

Watch the Cranberries’ “Wake Me When It’s Over” below.