The Best Stay-cation Ever

Fun not Far

It’s that magical time of year when you scroll through your news feed and all you see is posts of your friend’s beautiful beach vacations… It’s a bummer. You’re not there, and you’re not going to be there…

Maybe it’s commitment to your kids hockey team. Maybe you spent your vacation fund when the fridge went on the fritz. Either way you won’t be heading to the sunny south this year, but you have some vacation days to use up… Can you say stay-cation! Here’s the good news. There’s tons of awesome stuff to do right here in Central Ontario and for the most part you don’t have to worry about getting Hepatitis.

Check out this list of suggestions that will have all your sun burnt friends jealous they didn’t just stay home!

Hit The Mandarin! You don’t need that weird resort buffet food… There’s over 150 delicious buffet items at the Mandarin just waiting to fill your plate!

Or hit the grocery store and check out this video of Gordon Ramsay teaching you how to cook the perfect steak!

After filling up, burn some of those calories Geocaching. It’s a real world treasure hunt! Its ridiculously addictive, and one hundred percent free!

Wish you had some live nightly entertainment? Plan your stay-cation to include a live show at the Mady Centre. Or check out a movie.

Feeling a little adventurous try some indoor paintball or work on your golf swing at the Barrie Sports Dome.

Take a local brewery tour. Without even leaving the Barrie city limits you can choose from three craft brewers: Barnstormer Brewing Company, Redline Brewhouse, and Flying Monkey Craft Brewery. 

Take some time to tackle that home project you’ve been meaning to do… Find some inspiration on the This Old House Youtube page.

Not feeling that motivated… Head to Snow Valley for some snow tubing. You don’t even have to stand! Then (weather pending) check out the new skate trail at Discovery Harbour.

For those really tight budget stay-cations, check out Digital Trends list of 101 best movies to watch on Netflix. Pop some popcorn, hit the couch, and relax…

See, you don’t have to go anywhere to have a great time. Take a few tips from this guide and you’ll be heading back to work equally as relaxed as your sunny south traveling co-workers, and you didn’t even have to sit beside a crying baby on an over crowded plane. Your Welcome.