World Record Store Day: How Can You Celebrate

Happy World Record Store Day! When you sit down and think about it, music has […]

Happy World Record Store Day! When you sit down and think about it, music has always been one of the greatest ways to connect with people. Generations of people bond over classic hits and new budding superstars alike.

And local record stores have become a hub for people to track down those hidden gems. Each record store acts as a time machine, they can transport you back in time and also give you a glimpse at the future.

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That’s why on the third Saturday of April every year we celebrate World Record Store Day. but how did it all start?

World Record Store Day started in 2008. It introduced a way to celebrate independent record stores around the world.

The first one was on April 19, 2008, and featured loads of cool stuff. Like exciting live performances, and limited edition records. Then in the blink of an eye, it became one of the most anticipated days for music lovers everywhere.

Over the years it has grown so much that artists spend months planning special releases for the day. This year one of the biggest Canadian bands are getting in on the action, The Tragically Hip. They are releasing a limited-edition recording of a live performance at CBGB’s.

If you want to get in on the celebration it’s quite easy! Head out to your local record store and buy some records. Not sure where to go here’s a list of some record stores in Simcoe County;

BJ’s Records & Nostalgia

BJ’s Records & Nostalgia

Address: 13 Clapperton St, Barrie (11 AM-5 PM)

Phone: (705) 737-3031

Dead Parrott Record

Address: 70 Dunlop St W, Barrie (11 AM-5 PM)

Phone: (705) 627-6201

Sunrise Records

Sunrise Records

Address: Bayfield Mall, 320 Bayfield St, Barrie (11 AM-5 PM)

Phone: (705) 730-7667

Alleycats Music & Art

Alleycats Music & Art

Address: 95 Mississauga St. E. Orillia (11 AM-5:30 PM)

Phone: (705) 329-1339

Mad Dog’s Vinyl Cafe

Address: 239 Hurontario St, Collingwood (10 AM-6 PM)

Phone: (705) 445-1900

So get out there today discover something new and support some local businesses. Happy World Record Store Day!