Someone Found A Bag Filled With $10,000 Cash In Toronto

"Bought A Coffee And A Jamaican Patty And Turned The Rest In To Police"

Everyone has stumbled across some money on the street at one point in their life. For most of us, it’s usually just a few coins, or in some cases a $5, $10, or $20 bill. One Redditor claims to have found quite the payload in Kensington Market.

In a photo posted to r/Toronto, you can see a beige plastic bag filled with cash. According to the person who posted the picture, it amounts to $10,000. The bag was found “tied to the Kensington sign.” Check it out below.

In the proceeding comments, the Redditor who found the cash was asked if they kept the money.

“Bought a coffee and a Jamaican patty and turned in the rest to the police,” the user replied. I’d say that’s a fair expenditure for their honesty. They later added, “Thought it may have been a hidden camera show.”

So, who lost $10,000 this morning?