Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital Gets New Breast Screening Equipment

Digital equipment faster, more effective

Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital in Orillia has some new breast cancer screening technology. Patients needing breast cancer screening and diagnosis now have access to a digital mammography suite. This new digital equipment allows images to be viewed at different angles, adjusted for contrast and magnified to make it easier to see subtle differences between tissue. The new suite also offers shorter wait times, a more comfortable screening process and reduced radiation when compared to film based. Heather Crate, part owner of Crate’s Lake Country Boats in Orillia, was one of the first patients to receive a screening in the new digital mammography suite. “What could be more important for women’s health than having access to this equipment in Orillia. I lost my younger sister to malignant melanoma 12 years ago. After witnessing her journey, I think it is absolutely critical we are proactive about our healthcare, and this advancement in technology will make that easier for women in our community.” OSMH conducts 2,600 mammograms each year.