Ice Safety Reminder

Cold temperatures may not have made as much ice as you may think

from Southern Georgian Bay OPP

Ice surface users are reminded that no body of water freezes the same and that no ice is safe ice, knowing before you go are really important points if you should venture out on frozen surfaces. The strong winds and accompanying high and low water levels of the recent storms also has put intense stress on the ice that has formed on the back bays and open areas of Southern Georgian Bay.

Having a plan and communicating with family and friends is very important before heading out on the ice as well as having a fully charged cell phone that has already been proven to be a lifesaver in several instances of late 2017 and early 2018.

Having the proper equipment such as a floater suit, ice picks, a throw line, GPS and or a cellphone are extremely important should you break through the ice surface. Responding emergency services do take time to ready and get on scene and do come at a cost as there is always a risk of injury or worse to emergency responders who may never forget the incident.

Of note, some area municipalities do have a bylaw in place with a process for full cost recovery of emergency services costs provided to the rescued persons.

Remember, no ice is safe ice, know before you go and consider the risks to yourself and others should you venture out on frozen surfaces.

banner photo taken by staff of the departing icebreaker on Jan 2, 2018 shows poor ice and open water off Sawlog Bay Point in Tiny Township