UPDATE: Meandering Monkey Seized In Alcona Has New Home

Such animals not allowed as pets in Innisfil

MONDAY – Bylaw officers have seized a spider monkey from an Innisfil residence and taken it to a new home at the Elmvale Zoo. Residents of Innisfil are not allowed to own primates such as monkeys, apes, chimpanzees and lemurs. This monkey was spotted early Sunday morning on a rooftop on Linden Street. South Simcoe Police used bananas from their lunch bags to keep it from straying too far until it could be captured. Staff from Bear Creek Animal Sanctuary were called, but the monkey’s owner arrived on scene first and took the animal home. Bylaw officers are now investigating the circumstances of the monkey’s escape.
SUNDAY 12 noon – A wayward monkey is back home after a morning of freedom. The little monkey escaped her home and took in the view from the roof tops in Innisfil this morning. South Simcoe Police admit they are not primate experts, so Bear Creek Animal Sanctuary was called in to assist with the capture of the little animal. Once she came down, she was safely returned to her owners.

SUNDAY 9 am – A homeowner called to report a monkey on their roof this morning in Innisfil. South Simcoe Police headed to the home where sure enough they found the little guy perched atop the shingles. Animal control was called as the primate didn’t want to take a banana from the police or cheese from his owners when they showed up. So for the time being, officers and the monkey are just hanging out.