Food gets political at Vladmir Poutine in Montreal

You can get a Trump Burger or Vladmir Poutine!

Vladmir Poutine in Montreal has a wild menu.

The Montreal Gazette caught up with the owners of the restaurant to talk about some of their menu items but you can see some of their selections firsthand on Instagram. The funniest that we found is the Trump Burger, a burger complete with an orange slice and corn sprouts on the top of the bun.

You can also indulge in the Kim Poutine (cheese, pork belly confit in 60 days aged beef fat and caramelized in Cola 1642), the Vladmir Poutine (smoked meat, beet confit, crispy onions and russian dressing) or the Mussolini Poutine (cheese and homemade authentic Italian sausage).


I usually don’t write reviews for restaurants but… I really need to write something about this place! Their name “Vladimir Poutine” as well as all of the menu item names are what first caught my attention especially having just binge watched “Home land season 6”. As we stood out front joking about the name and telling each other we would come check it out some other time one of the workers who was outside on his break said we should go check it out inside “because it’s a big place and kind of cool”… So, with no intention of ordering (we weren’t hungry) we went inside to take a little look around the place… Of course we were convinced by the friendly staff and fun vibe to have a seat. I ordered a glass of red and the “Kim”poutine and my husband ordered the “De Gaule” burger. As happens a lot in Panama (almost every time I go out with my husband), I received the wrong thing… instead of the “Kim” Poutine I received something else…now, I have patience for this type of thing, as I said, it happens often but what happened next was amazing and never happens in Panama. Before we could even say anything to the wait staff Our Waitress realized the server had brought the wrong poutine, rushed over to us, assured us the correct one would be out in just a minute and dashed away… before we could say a word to each other the bartender swooped in with a bottle of red and with the words “a little taste for the head in honor of a short moment lost” poured our second complimentary glasses of wine 🍷 and with a huge smile 😊 exited stage left as the correct food entered stage right! Et Voilla!!! 🎩 The De Gaulle was delicious. The Poutine was great!!! it was actually the best poutine I’ve had so far in Montreal. But, the SERVICE was AWESOME!!! Having just opened two months ago they work together as an amazing team! when you have a chance to visit Montreal you should definitely give this place a quick “look around”😘 #mtlmoments #vladimirputin #vladimirpoutine

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CC Image Courtesy of Ninian Reid via Flickr