Cheque Fraud Suspect Caught on Video

Man Accused of Depositing Bad Cheques And Withdrawing Proceeds

Fraud Suspect Sought A man accused of passing some bad cheques was caught on camera. Barrie Police say the man went to two different banks in the city, depositing a fraudulent cheque into a victim’s account, before withdrawing money from the account. Investigators say he did this in Barrie twice since late April, allegedly withdrawing money from the victim’s account in different jurisdictions too.The bank noticed and suspended the account before too much was lost. The suspect is described as:

  • Male
  • white
  • Short grey hair
  • Approximately 60-years-old
  • Thin face

Last seen wearing:

  • Reading glasses
  • Blue jeans
  • Dark jacket
  • Grey hoodie
  • Dark shirt
  • Black baseball cap with red/orange lettering on it

If you recognize the suspect, contact Detective-Constable Parliament of the Barrie Police Service at 705-725-7025 ext. 2938 or email at