5 WTF Products

Seriously, Who thought these were a good idea?

Every now and then you come across a product that just makes you scratch your head and wonder “how the heck did this thing ever get made?” Well, I came across one of those products today and it got me wondering what else was out there. After noodling around the internet… Here’s 5 WTF products available to you on the internet…

1. The Baby Onesie Sweeper.

Okay, admit it. You’ve thought of doing this… Key word being ‘thought’.

2. Camel Balls Gum

Just why?

3. The Handitaur

You’ve always wanted to transform your hand into a centaur puppet haven’t you?

4. Pizza scissors.

For anyone who can’t figure out the pizza cutter… Or a sharp knife for that matter…

5. Coors Rocky Mountain Sparking Water

This one failed decades ago… I think mostly because of how similar it is to some of their other products…


Happy shopping!