24/7 Visitation Coming To Stevenson Memorial Hospital

“Every patient has a right to expect the best possible experience while at SMH”

Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston is getting ready to jump on the trend to 24/7 visiting hours. By February 2017, family members – as defined by the patient – will be allowed to visit any time of day or night. “Nobody knows a patient better than their loved ones”, says Steve Lange, PFAC Co-Chair. “Patients and their families should have the opportunity to visit together based on their needs and schedules. 24/7 family visitation is an important step forward in Patient-and-Family Centered Care.” Flexible visiting hours was identified by SMH’s Patient and Family Advisory Council as a top priority when they formed in 2015. SMH recognizes the integral part families play as part of the care team. The number of visitors present at the bedside will be decided in collaboration with the care team, patient and family.

photo: midiman via Flickr