Top 5 Most Uncomfortable Band Names

So you made a band huh? Well you better have a damn good name or […]

So you made a band huh? Well you better have a damn good name or else lets just keep that band in the garage… Here’s my list of the top 5 most unpleasant band names.

Number 5 – Pickle Rejection 

Come on.. really? What does this even mean? a google image search just ends up showing many images I did not need today.

Number 4 – Menstrual Pancake

I’m not going to explain this is just so uncomfortable and so wrong.

Number 3 – !!! (aka Chk-Chk-Chk) 

This may not be uncomfortable but nonetheless its SUPER annoying. When your boss comes up too you and says “you know that band Exclamation-Exclamation-Exclamation?” and you reply with a confident “yes!” only to find out you’ve been saying it very wrong for very long. I think a rename is in order.

Number 2 – Butthole Surfers

Honestly. This isn’t even a mistake, this is just a raw dumb band name. If I ever have to say this on air. I swear to god.

Number 1 – MOIST 

Granted there are some more uncomfortable ones on this list, this one takes the top spot for me… I absolutely despise saying this on air at least 4 times a week. For some reason the word makes my skin crawl.. its just awkward. Imagine meeting your significant others parents for the first time and being forced to use the word moist in a sentence? That’s how it feels behind a mic. Another thing, THEY’RE CANADIAN.