Ranking 3 Of The Best Songs By Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams is a household name in the rock music scene, known for his energetic tunes and heartfelt ballads. I was asked to rank three of his top songs: “Run To You,” “Somebody,” and “Kids Wanna Rock.”

Here’s what I had to say about these 3 Bryan Adams songs …

3. “Run To You”

“Run To You” takes third position.  

This song showcases Adams’ knack for crafting radio-friendly rock hits and became an instant classic with its pulsating rhythm and distinctive vocals. 

Sung from the perspective of a man who continually chooses his mistress over his faithful partner, “Run to You” captures the urgency of desire. Its memorable guitar riff and anthemic chorus ensure that it’s a song that will continue to be cherished by fans old and new.

2. “Somebody”

Released as part of his iconic album Reckless, “Somebody” captures the innocence and excitement of young love. The song’s catchy chorus and Adams’ trademark vocals make it an enduring favorite among fans. 

The second verse of “Somebody” is actually about WWI. Jim Vallance, who wrote the song with Adams, explains, “Adams and I are both interested in First World War history (Bryan’s grandfather served with the British Army in WW1). As a result, lyrical references to that war occasionally appear in our songwriting. It’s not always in context, and it doesn’t always make sense, but there it is!”

“Somebody” is number two for me. Sure, it’s a Bryan Adams classic, but it isn’t one of his power hits. 

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1. “Kids Wanna Rock”

“Kids Wanna Rock” is a good throw-down if you’re growing up in Canada. You’re a kid, you want to rock, and you want to make stupid decisions!

Released during the height of the ’80s rock era, this anthem encapsulates the spirit of youth and rebellion. Bryan Adams’ signature raspy vocals perfectly complement the song’s driving guitar riffs, making it a must-listen for any rock enthusiast. 

Bryan Adams’ music has touched countless lives in different ways, reminding us of the power of rock and the emotions it can evoke. While “Kids Wanna Rock” rightfully claims the top spot with its unbridled energy, “Run to You” and “Somebody” are Bryan Adams songs that hold their own, resonating with listeners on deeper emotional levels.

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