New GNR Tune Debuted On JukeBoxes By Accident — But Now It’s Available For The Rest Of Us

Weird to Call this song new when it was recorded years and years ago

What drama surrounding a song release! The release date was scheduled, then pushed back, and all the streaming platforms obliged and didn’t publish the song but forgot about someone. The jukebox at the end of the bar. Jukeboxes around the States, the new age ones, all had the song uploaded to their software and before anyone else in the world heard the new Guns N Roses song, the patrons of small dark and dungy bars in the States heard it. Hilarious.

The wait is now over for the rest of us because the same people that use jukeboxes attempted to leak the new song and ended up releasing terrible quality clips and that’s not how you want your song to come out.

GNR put a video together for the new tune which was recorded years ago when they were working on Chinese Democracy which came out in 08.

So it’s a ‘new-old’ song called ‘Perhaps’ have a listen below.