Rock & Roll Lives at Wayhome!

8 Must-See Rock Bands For Your Festival Pleasure

We’re only a few short days away from Wayhome Music & Arts Festival 2017 !

Now, you may have taken a look at the line-up when it was first released and thought, “Who are these people?” or “WTF is a Flume?”

And that’s okay!

One of the best partsĀ of Wayhome is discovering bands you’ve never heard of before, and realizing that every act on that poster has earned their spot on a big stage.

But, if you’re set in your ways and got suckered into going…here are a few rock bands that won’t let you down!


Cage The Elephant

Friday Jul 28 8:30 PM on WayHome Stage




Friday Jul 28 6:45 PM on WayBright Stage



Car Seat Headrest

Sunday Jul 30 8:15 PM on WayAway Stage



Death From Above

Saturday Jul 29 4:45 PM on WayHome Stage




Saturday Jul 29 8:45 PM on WayAway Stage



Royal Blood

Saturday Jul 29 5:30 PM on WayBright Stage



The Dirty Nil

Sunday Jul 30 4:00 PM on WayBright Stage




Saturday Jul 29 2:45 PM on WayHome Stage


Too see the full list of rock bands playing at Wayhome Music & Arts Festival 2017 click here and look for the bands with the blue banner.