The Top 5 “Worst Or Most Hated” Rock Songs

Music is subjective? Not according to a new survey that found the worst of the worst!

We all have our favourite songs and we all have the songs we can’t stand. But do we all have some of those hated songs…in common? A new study from determined the top 8 “worst songs in rock & roll” or the 8 “most hated.”

Let’s break down the top 5! I have a lot of issues with this list!

#5 R.E.M “Shiny Happy People”

#4 Billy Joel “We Didn’t Start The Fire”

#3 Phil Collins “Sussudio”

#2 The Beach Boys “Kokomo”

#1 Aerosmith “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”

Here are the issues I have with the list. First, music is subjective and depending on mood & setting, your likes (and hates) can change. Secondly, if a lot of people did take the survey to make this list, then what was the average age of them?

Specifically, The Beach Boys “Kokomo” was one of the first songs I remember LOVING…as a kid. I’d tell anyone who would listen that it was my favourite song. But I do understand it’s not for everyone. Billy Joel “We Didn’t Start The Fire” is an AWESOME song. One of my karaoke favourites. I will fight you. And Aerosmith “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”, was “our song” between my FIRST girlfriend and I. But when we cheated on each other at the same high school party, that song soured on me fast. Still love the movie Armageddon though!