5 Weird Ways to Cook a Hot Dog for #NationalHotDogDay

Hot Diggity Dog!

Today is National Hot Dog Day.

You may be familiar with some of the more common ways of cooking a hot dog; grilling, boiling, baking or microwaving. But if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy a tasty hot dog today, here are five hot dog innovations that can spice today’s holiday up for you and your loved ones.

Slot Dog: The Hot Dog Scorer

The Slot Dog is a gadget that can help with some of the most common issues when cooking a hot dog (like splitting the skin). When hot dogs are “criss-crossed”, you can also easily fit condiments within the grooves.

Slotdog $17.99 (Amazon.ca)

Boiling a Hot Dog in Mountain Dew

Most people boil their hot dogs in water. These people decide to boil their hot dogs in Mountain Dew. The results are mixed; just make sure that you don’t leave the soda on the stove for too long.

Hot Dog Toaster

Most people would prefer either a boiled or a barbecued hot dog if given the choice. For those in a pinch, there is the hot dog toaster. The editors at GiantBomb (video above) tried it and weren’t unimpressed. The device is made to cook two hot dogs and toast two buns at once.

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster $34.99 (Amazon.ca)

Hot Dog Steaming Drawer

Some people get very nostalgic when they think about a stadium style hot dog. You can now bring taste of a steamed, stadium-style hot dog home with a Hot Dog Steamer. The steamer can cook up to 24 hot dogs and steam 12 buns.

Extra Large Hot Dog Steamer $149.99 (Amazon.ca)

Potato Hot Dogs

This one involves a little more work but is a very innovative way to eat a hot dog. Instead of having mashed potatoes and a hot dog separately, you can enjoy them both… deep fried! These morsels are like combining the best part of the pierogi with a frank.

There you have it, five innovative ways to enjoy a hot dog on this very special holiday. Just remember, whatever you do, don’t watch video about how hot dogs are made. If you do, you may never want to eat a Hot Dog again.

CC image courtesy of cometstarmoon via Flickr