Watch Metallica Bring An Adorable Little Girl On Stage To Play Drums

They Shared The Stage With Honorary 5th Member Kendalynn

One little girl has a super cool story to tell for the rest of her life, thanks to Metallica!

The legendary metal band is currently hitting stadiums across North America as part of their World Wired Tour. Last week they played at Detroit’s Comerica Park. There is a cool part of their set where they move to smaller part of the stage that juts out in to the audience. James Hetfield talks a little about their early days and they launch in to some of their biggest hits. Lars Ulrich used the opportunity to pull a little girl named Kendalynn out of the crowd, hand her some sticks and sit her behind his drum set!

Kendalynn rocked out a little bit, with Lars showing her what to do, before he took over for the song.

Watch the awesome moment below:

(Courtesy Metallica/Twitter)