Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound Contest


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The Rock 95 $10,000 Secret Sound Contest IS BACK!

We wanted to kick off the new year right by giving you the chance to win BIG. Think you know what the Secret Sound is?

Listen for the cue to call to guess, we’ll be giving you 13 chances every weekday, from 7am up to and including 7pm. Make sure you’re the 9th caller through at 705-721-7625 when you hear it to play!

The pot will start at $300. For every wrong answer we’ll add another $25 to the pot, up to $10,000!

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound Contest  only on Barrie’s Rock Station…Rock 95!


Rock 95’s Secret Sound #6

See all the guesses below:

Old style paper cutter

Dropping a large phone book on a hard surface

Opening a vacuum seal on a tin of coffee

Re-sealing a zip-lock bag

Pulling the tab on a cardboard courier package

Pulling scotch tape off of a cardboard box

Scraping snow off the window of a car

Pulling Styrofoam out of a cardboard box

Turning on a gas fireplace

Shovel on a driveway

Umbrella Popping up

Closing a drawer

An asthma inhaler being used

shutting a window

water squirting at a car wash

Shooting a foam bullet from a nerf gun

Pulling a central-vac hose from a wall socket

Peeling the lid from the top of a Pringles can

A vacuum pack sealer

Cutting styrofoam

Releasing the last bit of air out of a balloon

Cutting a head of lettuce on a wooden cutting board

Sucking something up with a vacuum hose

Tearing off wax paper off the box

Arrow flying through the air and hitting a target

Sanding a piece of wood

Opening a jar

Ripping up velcro on a shoe or piece of clothing

A T-Shirt Cannon

A planer going over a piece of wood

A shovel scraping a surface (like scooping snow)

Somebody slurping

Opening a bottle of wine

Closing a sliding window shut

Cutting an apple in half on a cutting board

Tearing cellophane off a margarine container

Sitting down in a bean bag chair

Pulling the plastic seal off a salad

Mail suction tube in an office

Suction from a vacuum cleaner

Unhooking a hose from the central vac

Placing a book on a book-shelf

A utility knife cutting through the tape on a cardboard box

A knife cutting through a raw potato

Putting a cylinder into a pneumatic tube

The seal of a paint can opening

A Snow Plow going by

Slicing or chopping a carrot

Prying open a pillsbury dough can

Pulling out a wipe from a lysol container

Shooting off fireworks

Tearing open a package of sidekicks

Slurping soup from the spoon

Pulling a tissue from the box

Filling a tire with an air hose

A manual paper-slicer

Removing a blood-pressure cuff

Adjusting an office chair (up or down)

A foot hitting a step

Taping up a box with a tape gun

Cutting through a watermelon

Releasing a drop down window blind

Slicing an onion

Removing styrofoam from a package

Putting a hand over the nozzle of a vacuum

Ball getting sucked onto the end of a central vac

Assembling a cardboard box

Putting a bag of milk into the plastic jug

Closing the door on an old-fashioned bread box

A camper, or commercial-type toilet flush

Shutting a patio door

A knife sharpener

Automatic food sealer

Slipping a record into a sleeve

Using an apple corer

Cutting up cardboard

Ripping off the body wax

Baseball going into a catchers mitt

Ripping open the warm delivery bag on a food order

An arrow going into a target block

Sending an email on the iphone

A letter-opener on a big envelope

Scraping ice from a windshield

A box sliding across a floor into a wall

Pulling the lever back on a big water gun

Pulling a suction cup off of a table top

Air pump

Pneumatic tube canister

Tearing the paper off a lint roller

Biting into an apple

Using a flour sifter

Ripping paper

Ripping tape off of a box

Airplane toilet flushing

Ripping the plastic from a spinach container

Shucking corn on the cob

Sucking up a spaghetti noodle

A plunger letting go

Slicing vegetables on a mandoline

Table top french fry cutter

Opening a door creating suction within a room

Sucking up spaghetti

putting in the central vac

Retractable pet leash rewinding

Sucking in air with a tongue

Shovelling the deck and hitting the post

Pressing the seal on a tupperware container

Opening a new garbage bag quickly

Tearing open a Purolator envelope

Tearing aluminum foil from the box

Dentist suction tube sucking to cheek

Curtains/Drapes opening/closing

Closing a sunroof on a car

Sliding a wood planer

Cutting kinetic sand

Opening a cheese string

Throwing a rock at a shuffleboard table

Using a turkey baster to suck up liquid

A mini pop-up tent

A 3-ring hole puncher

A pneumatic mail delivery system

Flipping a book

Yoyo going up and down

The pump that closes the storm door

Sharpening kitchen knives

Tearing tape off the end of duct tape roll

Releasing the jello from the mold

Flicking the intake door for the hose on a running central vac

Frozen concentrated juice sliding out of the package

Flicking open a new plastic shopping bag

Slicing a bunch of celery on a cutting board

A window sliding shut

A jug or a bag of ice melt or salt flipping over

Flipping a box of Kraft Dinner

Cutting with a paper guillotine

Pulling a full garbage bag out of a metal garbage can

Creasing a fold in a piece of paper

Ball going through a batting cage

Cutting open a cardboard box

Swiping your hand across a table and over the edge quickly

Taking a sip of a hot beverage from a cup

Peeling off a post-it note

Pulling a filter from a stack of coffee filters

Opening a bottle of pop and releasing the fizz

Sliding open a glass window

The hose part of a vacuum picking up a piece of paper

Inter-office vacuum mail tube

Slicing a cabbage

Opening a shower curtain

Rolling the towel out of an automatic cloth dispenser

Small sliding window

Pouring a bag of sugar into a canister

Pulling out a sheet from a dryer softener box

Ripping velcro apart

Spraying from a can of whip cream

Building up pressure in a instapot

Placing a take-out beverage cup into a cardboard tray

Swiping a credit or debit card

A bowling ball returning into the ball rack

A car window closing up

Coming to a sliding stop on ice in skates

Baby wipes being pulled out of the container

Separating two rubbermaid garbage cans

Pulling a tab off a baby’s diaper

Flushing an airplane toilet

Sliding a book onto a shelf

Guillotine paper cutter cutting paper

Sliding a screen shut

Pulling the seal off of a pringles container

Cardboard pump blowing up a balloon

Pringle chips sliding out of the container

Sucking air through a straw

Slicing vegetables on a cutting board

Putting a deck of cards back in their box

Slicing an orange

Paper towel sliding onto a counter top holder

Bank card being put into a machine

Putting a heat shield sleeve on a coffee cup

Cutting drywall with a box knife

Shooting foam balls from a nerf gun

Pulling a wipe from a lysol container

Opening up the top of a cereal box

Turning off the water of a bathroom faucet

Sliding a straw into a cup

Pulling a straw out of a cup

A chest freezer opening up

A broom sweeping over cardboard

Filling up a balloon with a helium tank

Guillotine style paper cutter

Using a letter opener to open a letter

Ripping off a celery stalk

Slipping an LP into it’s sleeve

Pulling the lid off a cannabis container

Hockey puck sliding across the ice and stopping

Retracting a measuring tape

Sliding a shower door closed

Sliding an album onto a shelf

Blow up a balloon using a hand pump

When you’re trying to blow up a balloon at the party store, the sound right at the beginning

Opening or closing a projector screen

Taking a strip of lint roller paper, putting it onto some fabric, and ripping it off

Dumping out a can of mushroom soup

Ripping a fabric

Curling ribbon with a pair of scissors

Going through a revolving door

Pulling off a disc of sandpaper from an orbital sander

Dumping out a can of soup or stew into a pot

Scraping the grill at a fast food restaurant

Putting a tied up garbage bag into the can

Turning off oxy-acetylene torch

Putting on a Blundstone Boot

Removing a bike pump from the bike tire valve

Snow coming off the roof of your car

Sliding your cellphone into a case

Pulling the hose out of the wall of a central vac

Cupping your hands together under the tap and slurping the water into your mouth

Pulling the bag of cereal out while holding the box

Opening and pouring a pack of sugar into a hot beverage

Turkey baster sucking up juices

Sound the needle makes at the end of an album or LP

Retracting a power cord on a vacuum or appliance

Dispensing shaving creme from the container

A bingo/ lottery ball going through the tube

Velcro tennis ball game of catch

Cutting a piece of paper/cardboard with scissors

Pulling the bottle out of a soda stream machine

A toaster

Cleaning the cache on your android box

Pulling tape off of a balloon

Opening a package of cheese from Kraft dinner

A dog licking

Ripping paper

Locking a deadbolt

Sliding a filet knife back into its holder or sheath

A jet engine starting

Water draining down the sink after pulling the plug

Sheet of paper going through a photocopier

Pulling a band-aid off your arm

Putting your hand over the vacuum suction part and then pulling it off

Closing a CD or DVD player

Pulling a tissue from a box of tissues

Troweling plaster onto a wall

Pulling the belt out of pant loops quickly

Resetting bowling pins

Removing a sticker from a window

Removing ice cube from tray into glass

Opening or closing venetian blinds

Pushing a straw through the lid of a take-out cup

Umbrella popping open

Fluffing a winter jacket

Sliding the keyboard tray back into a desk

Striking a wooden match slowly

Slurping liquid from a spoon

Throwing a dart

Pulling a plastic bag out of a reusable bag dispenser

Scraping spackle off of drywall

A knife cutting through an apple on a cutting board

Opening a package of freeze-dried coffee

Ice skates on ice

Curling stones on ice

Adjusting headphones

Revolving door

Pulling a Kleenex from the box

Snow falling off a tin roof when it lands on the ground

Egg sucker experiment

Cutting bristol board with a guillotine paper cutter

The catch and toss game with a tennis ball on velcro

Sucking in a spaghetti noodle

A vacuum pumped wine cork being removed from a bottle

Pulling off the wrap from a package of wet swiffers

The lint compartment of a dryer

A paper trimmer

Opening a brand new box of Kleenex

Separating a poster tube

A typewriter return

Chopping a cucumber

Taking a balloon off of a helium tank

Pulling a garbage bag out of the box

Arrow flying through the air and hitting a target

Tearing the top off a package of hot chocolatePreview Changes (opens in a new tab)

Suction tube from the dentist getting stuck on a cheek

Cutting the green oasis Styrofoam for flowers

Peeling the plastic screensaver from a cell phone

Squirting the last bit of dish soap out of the bottle

Toilet tank plunger closing while filling tank

Opening a package of resealable meat

The suction sound made when you pull a boot out of the mud

Coffee percolating

A Skate stopping on the ice

Sipping a hot drink

Ripping a tennis ball off a velcro toy

Putting your foot inside a boot

Pushing a beverage can through a koozie

Cranberries coming out of a can

Tearing the tag from a new pair of jeans

Pouring a box of Kraft Dinner into a pot

Spraying a can of pressurized whip cream

Opening a sealed jar of Planters Dry-Roasted Peanuts

The lid of an automated garbage can closing

Erasing a magnetic drawing board

Pulling a piece of paper towel out of a dispenser

Sipping hot soup

Ripping off the pringles paper seal

Closing the door of a commercial freezer

Popping the cork on a bottle

Flicking a plastic debit card across 5 o’clock shadow

Pulling off a mask

Sliding a bag of milk into the container

Breathing test at the hospital

Opening a sealed box of freeze-dried coffee

A confetti party-popper

The flame going out as gas is turned off on a BBQ grill

Breaking the plastic window on a pack of gum like Excel

Spewing a tennis ball out of a tennis ball machine

Sliding door on a wooden cabinet

Slicing a toasted bagel

Mark Webster of Orillia guessed sliding your foot into a skate and won $8300!


Rock 95’s Secret Sound #5

See all the guesses below:

Breaking ice cubes out of an ice cube tray

Can opener opening a can

An old school kids popomatic

A Big Ben style clock (tick-tock)

Opening a carton of milk

Folding a deck of cards

A galloping horse

Taking a tab off a pop can

Rolling a solo cup between your hands

A car bumper jack

Bobbi-Jo Of Fenelon Falls guessed ‘a fortune teller’ (the folded paper finger game) and won $550!


Rock 95’s Secret Sound #4


See all the guesses below:

Bubble Popper

Dropping the spring ball into a protein shaker cup

Throwing an aluminum can in the recycling bin

Finishing a game of Perplexis

Dispensing ice cubes into a plastic cup

Gumball coming out of a gumball machine

Shaking a bobblehead

Pushing on a salad spinner

The rattle in a paint can

Pulling the start-cord on lawnmower or snow machine

Mind-puzzle game with ball-bearing on a track being shaken

Stirring a pitcher of liquid with ice in it

A roulette wheel

The ball dropping on a shop vac

Making Popcorn

Door stopper spring

Dropping the needle on a vinyl record

Pulling the plug and draining a sink

A fishing rod getting reeled in

The sound of the game kerplunk

Metal straw going into a cup of fluid

Shaking of an aerosol can

Fisher-Price corn-popper push toy

Putting a golf ball into a cup

Spinning jacks

Spinning a lazy Susan

Dropping a coin into a piggy bank

Throwing a ball in a cup

Spinning an empty paper towel dispenser

Wheels rolling over a floor

Dropping a marble into a tin can

Spinning a baby rattle

Eggs being put into a pot of water

The last ball to drop out of Bingo machine

Somebody crushing a can

Marbles going down a marble track

A mop spinner

The spinner at the end of a Crown and Anchor game

Spinning a fidget spinner

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Plastic ball toy full of water

Ball moving around in a pinball machine

Empty toilet paper roll being spun on the holder

Pulling the plug and draining the tub

Sliding a glass into a sink or dishwasher

Flicking of a door stopper

Shaking up a spray paint can

A game of ball-maze

At-home mini-putt game

Automatic pool table ball return

Michelle James from Midland guessed ‘spinning a world globe’ and won $1600!


Rock 95’s Secret Sound #3

See all the guesses below:

Adjusting Velcro on shoes

Opening up a box of rice

Static created by a microphone in a radio station

Ripping packaging tape off of a box

Opening a bag of chips

Pulling on a roll of two-way tape and removing the backing

Opening a bag of potatoes

Cutting Carpet

Duct tape coming off the roll

Opening up a kraft single

Ripping parchment paper off the roller

Using a packing tape gun on a box

Ripping canvas by hand

Ripping paper out of a book

Pulling Satan wrap out of the box and cutting it off

Pulling duct tape off the roll twice

Ripping cardboard by a fire

A bag of Rock Salt being dragged across a floor

Undoing the Velcro on the sleeves of a coat

Ripping a cheque out of a cheque-book

Kerry McGuire of Bracebridge guessed ‘opening a bag of microwave popcorn’ and won $800



Rock 95’s Secret Sound #2

See all the guesses below:

Dumping out dice for Yahtzee

Popping bubblewrap

Popping the bubble on a game of Trouble

Opening a can of tuna or seafood

Poker chips being dropped or stacked

Opening up a coffee container with a tinfoil wrapper

Taking a shovel and knocking icicles off your roof

Opening the seal on a can of pringles

Can of tennis balls being opened

Opening a can of sardines

Opening the tab on a pop can

Peeling duct tape off the roll

Opening a can of tuna or cat food

Popping the top of a pop can

Setting the trip back on an animal trap

Crushing a can

Opening a can of Spam

Pulling the metal tab off of a fruit can


Three hole paper punch

Pulling packing tape from the packing tape dispenser

A coin going through a coin mechanism

Putting a ski boot into the blinding

Using a 3 hole punch on a stack of papers

Eating some stacked pringles chips

Opening a can of beer

Biting into celery

Cracking an egg open

Opening a can of soup

A can (punch) opener

A Rubix Cube turning

Coin slot on a peanut machine

Jim Bud of Orillia guessed ‘opening a yogurt top’ and won $1150

ROCK 95’s Secret Sound #1

See all the guesses below:

Those little stoppers at the bottom of a door

Hitting a metal bowl with a wooden spoon

Pool ball going from the pocket to the end of the pool table

Rolling a metal water bottle on the floor

The sound of radar or sonar

Dragging and dropping a manhole cover

Geordie Hunt of Barrie Guessed Putting the Toilet Tank Cover on and won $450