Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound

Think you know the Secret Sound? Try your luck and maybe win $10,000. Listen to the secret sound as often as you want and see all the incorrect guesses so far

The Rock 95 $10,000 Secret Sound Contest IS BACK!

We wanted to kick off 2022 right by giving you the chance to win BIG. Think you know what the Secret Sound is?

Listen for the cue to call to guess, we’ll be giving you 13 chances every weekday, from 7 am up to and including 7 pm. Make sure you’re the 9th caller through at 705-721-7625 when you hear it to play!

The pot will start at $100. For every wrong answer, we’ll add another $25 to the pot, up to $10,000!

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound Contest only on Barrie’s Rock Station…Rock 95!


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The technology isn’t perfect and there are times during contests occasions when the overwhelming volume of calls can cause a connection error.
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It is normal to receive a busy signal or recorded message. Frustrating, but normal. Please hang up and try again and hopefully we can tell you you’re caller number 9!
Best of luck and thanks for listening.


Sound #8

See all the guesses below:

Frank James of Barrie won $10,000 for guessing  “Drying Your Back with a towel back and forth”

Rollercoaster going up

Moving a straw up and down in a plastic take-out cup

Aqua Massage Bed

Taking an inflated balloon rubbing it on your hair

Shaking a can of coffee grinds

A roomba robot vacuum

Spinning a cassette tape around on a pencil

A pressure release valve on a pressure cooker

Hydraulic pump cart for moving skids

Shaking a box of table salt

A shaker cup with a metal shaker inside

Rinsing or straining rice

Ball with elastic kids game being played

Rustling of a grocery bag

Shaking pom poms

Scrubbing a boat

Shimmying a filing cabinet across a floor

A portable ice maker

A loom

Rubbing the edge of styrofoam with a glove on

A rollercoaster going up

Shaking a sifter for aggregate

Sanding brake pads

Shaking money in a piggy bank

Coffee cup going back and forth on a table with a lid on

Shaking a bag of pet food

Grain sifter

Someone scratching cleaning or scrubbing the ducts

Wiping the dashboard of your car

Rubbing two scrubbing sponges together

Erasing the marker off a dry erase board

Rubbing your foot back & forth on a car mat

A commercial, ride-on floor washer

Paddling in a paddleboat

Pushing a shopping cart in a parking lot

Sanding down a canoe

Putting on a shirt over you head

A dog panting

Shaking a box of jewelry chains

A waterwheel on the back of a riverboat

Shaking food in an air fryer basket

Rubbing 2 pieces of cardboard together

Rubbing a balloon on a head with hair

Scribbling or writing on paper with a highlighter

Shaking a box of smarties by a microphone

Using an aerosol car upholstery scrubber brush

Cat scratching in the litter box covering its business

Shaking a cooler full of ice

Using a handheld fertilizer spreader

Shaking a box of ricearoni

A shaved ice machine

Bubble wrap being rubbed together

Going through revolving doors

A wire brush on a drum

The water spraying inside a dishwasher, during a cycle

Shaking a tub of marbles

Washing or scrubbing a potato under water

Rubbing a hair brush across a countertop

A lawn sprinkler

A ceiling fan

Rubbing hands on the vinyl poster/flag we have in the studio at rock95

Scrapping the griddle with a metal spatula

Washing a golf ball in a golf ball washer

Spinning a set of keys on a flat surface

Shaking a bottle of metal tabs from beer and pop cans

Cleaning a BBQ grill with a ball of aluminum foil

Shaking a bag of chips

Rubbing the tape on a hockey stick

Shaking a bag of pop-rocks side to side

An old straw broom brushing concrete

Someone scratching their head

A paper rubbing on a microphone

Shaking a bag of spices

A leopard

Shaking the dice in the Yahtzee cup

The water jets in a car wash hitting your car

Shaking a balloon with beads in it

Shaking popcorn kernels in a container

A computer printer spitting out a piece of paper

Running your fingernails across a bumpy cookie sheet

Knocking on a screen door

Shaking a box of lego

Hand sanding a steel drum

Scrubbing lawn furniture

Stone washing jeans in a machine

Making breadcrumbs with a hand grater

A two-man saw

Shaking a container of Downy Unstoppables

Shaking a bag of cat treats

Scrubbing floor mats with a vacuum brush

A balloon filled with rice being shaken

Getting your feet scrubbed during a pedicure

Depositing cash into an ATM machine

A cat scratching to get out on an aluminum door

Shuffling feet across the ground

An old fashioned wind up toy

A commercial fan in a barn

Pulling out the sprayer part of a kitchen faucet

Cutting an ABS pipe with a hacksaw

Shaking an Etch-A-Sketch

An ice fishing auger

Loose siding blowing around in a wind or rain storm

Using a shoe shine brush

Shaking a box of Reese’s Pieces

Using a manual air compressor to fill up an inflatable ball

Using the spindle of a pottery wheel

A percussion shaker egg

Shaking a can of pringles chips

Using the eraser on a whiteboard

Shaking a bag of frozen vegetables

Crushed ice in a cocktail shaker moving around

The pad on a floor buffing machine

Straining pasta in a steel colander

Opening up the metal security gates at a store

Cutting through crusty bread with a bread knife

The whistle of a pressure cooker

A rollercoaster

A big office paper shredder

Rolling a paint roller back & forth in a rolling pan

Cleaning a table with a cloth or a wipe

Zesting a lemon with a grater

Shaking a box of cereal

Rubbing a balloon on your head

Sound of a steam engine

pulling styrofoam out of the box

Fingernails going back and forth across a tabletop

A paper towel dispenser

Shaking a rain stick

The sound of frozen food on tinfoil

Cutting down a hockey stick with a hacksaw

A zamboni machine

Shaking kitty litter in the tray

Shake n bake a chicken in plastic bag

Racking up the balls for a game of pool

Sliding a filing cabinet drawer in and out

A car wash hose

A helicopter

Shaking a container of breadcrumbs

Scrubbing a stain out of fabric with a scrub brush

A hand cranked old fashioned pencil sharpener

Grating parmesan cheese

A bag blowing in the wind

Sliding a coffee back and forth across a desk

Taking a sip out of a convenience store styrofoam cup

Removing excess drywall compound with a putty knife

Scrubbing car mats

Scrubbing the pool liner or cover

Cutting drywall with a drywall knife

Shaking an etch-a-sketch

Shaking pasta in a pot or container

Making homemade ice cream

Shaking the excess water out of a dishwasher rack

Scraping the gunk off a dirty pan with a metal spatula

Fixing a clogged ice cube dispenser in a fridge

Frying pan going across the element on a stove

A weather vane blowing in the wind

Scrubbing siding on a house

Beads being shaken

Hamster on an exercise wheel

Shaking a shake weight

A rock crusher

Whisking ingredients in a stainless steel bowl

A dog scratching at the door

The sound of a dishwasher

A zipper going up and down

The sound a CD players makes when you accidentally put two discs in

A manual egg beater

Shovel of gravel in a cement mixer

A metal scraper scrapping a metal pot

Putting a Christmas tree through the shaker at the tree farm

Cleaning bbq grill with a wire brush

A wire brush on a BBQ

A shower head spraying on a shower curtain

Shaking a container of toothpicks

Shaking a Scrabble game with all the pieces inside

Scouring a tub

A square hay baler

Shaking a bucket of Miracle Grow

Spinning a rope or skipping rope fast

Cutting styrofoam with a handsaw

Shaking a puzzle box

Turning a pepper grinder

Racking up the balls for a game of pool

An old school baby’s rattle toy

Making a snow angel in the snow

Shaking sidewalk salt out of a plastic container

An escalator

Washing and scrubbing the walls

A street sweeper

A coin sorter

The bathroom fan starting up when you turn on the light

An air hand dryer in a washroom

Removing the sand from a casting at a foundry

A dog digging through slushy ice in the yard

Cleaning your teeth with an electric toothbrush

A beer case coming out on rollers

Rubbing your upper arms with your hands

Shaking a tarp

Snare drum brushes on a drum

Smoothing out cement

Panning for gold

Shaking the styrofoam off something new out of a box

Pouring out fresh cat litter

Cutting a metal pipe with a hacksaw

Bingo balls going around in a cage

Shredding cabbage with a grater

Removing crunchy snow from a vehicle

Chopping celery on a cutting board

A salad spinner

A street sweeper sweeping the street

Spinning a skipping rope

A power trowel for concrete finishing

A bow saw cutting down a tree or cutting off a tree limb

Cleaning the rocks in a fish tank with a strainer tool

A sawmill

Shaking a box of push pins or thumbtacks

A pressure washer in a car wash

Shaking a bag or packet of sugar

Someone cleaning their nails

Shaking a container of edible nuts

Shaking pasta in the strainer

Shaking pasta in the strainer

A baby rattle

A steam engine locomotive

Shaking a pizza inside the pizza box

The wheel/rim washing part of a car wash

Spinning a lazy susan back and forth

Polishing boots or shoes with a brush

Shaking a box of Smarties

Shaking a jar of popcorn

Pulling the popcorn out of the microwave

Jiffypop popcorn on the stove

A paper shredder

Cleaning the barbecue with a wooden scraper

Rubbing flint together to make a spark

Shaking a bag of charcoal

Winding a garden hose onto a hose reel

Scraping fingernails across a screen

Sanding body filler

A slush/slushie/slurpee machine

Shaking salt from a scoop into the driveway

Bakery Bread Slicer

Rock or soil sifter

Salt or pepper grinder grinding

A pressure washer

A pressure cooker

Game called find it

A pager going off on a table

Swishing water in your mouth

Brushing the snow off a frozen over fishing hole with your mitten

Scrubbing tiles or tub with a brush

A wire brush scrubbing off the rust

Shaking the container of laundry incense booster

Rolling a computer mouse back and forth

Scrubbing a fibreglass shower with a scrub brush

Shaking ice melter

Shaking a paint can

Shaking a game called fixit

Shaking a Chinese Checkers board game in the box

A cat scratching around in the litter box

Change in the pocket of pants in the dryer

Grating parmesan cheese

Rubbing your hands together with winter gloves on

Cleaning an oven with an SOS/wire pad

Something scratching against an aluminum storm door

Card shuffling machine

Shaking a box of shake n’ bake

A garage door opener

A street sweeper cleaning

Windshield wipers over an icy windshield

Cleaning or polishing a pair of dress shoes with a brush

Chalking a pool cue

Trying to start your car with a dead battery or alternator

Cement coming down a chute

The steamer wand on an espresso machine

Craig’s broken wipers

Scraping a wire brush along a metal pipe

Filing your nails

Spinning tires on snow & ice

A washing machine

An industrial dryer

Scratching an itch in a snow suit

Washing or scrubbing a cookie sheet

Rubbing a balloon on hair to get static charge

The money-counting machine at the bank

A rock polisher

A miniature indoor train set going around the track

Sweeping a curling stone

The electric start on a snow blower

A compressed air can for cleaning keyboards etc

A one-armed lawn sprinkler

Rinsing out a vinyl kiddie pool

Power washing siding

Shaking a bag of peas

Shaking a package of sidekicks

Sawing with a handsaw

Cleaning electronics with compressed air

A large water bottle being rinsed or sanitized

An industrial looming machine

Shaking a bag of grass seed

Swing a skipping rope through the air

Pouring a bag of french fries out on to a pan

Windshield wipers going over an icy windshield

An ATM machine dispensing money

Rubbing a balloon against your head

Shaking food on a baking sheet

A train rolling across tracks

Making kettle corn over a fire

Paper shredding

Going over ski moguls

Metal window blinds

A balloon being rubbed on your head

A kaleidoscope

A salad shaker

A balloon punching bag with sand/beads in it

Shaking a cooler with ice in it

Scrubbing/washing Tupperware

Shaking a box of candy

Using a chimney sweep to clean out a stove pipe

Playing a washboard

Shaking a box of Kraft Dinner

Sifting through gravel for gold

An old flour sifter

Scrubbing the stove with a sos pad

Rubbing a balloon to give it a static charge

Opening a plastic bag

Brushing teeth

Craig Ross’s morning workout

A feed auger

The rock95 ballot drum

Sanding drywall

Pressure washing a car mat

Waving a piece of sheet metal

Turbine in a snowblower

Pulling tin foil out and shaking it

A Dyson fan

Cleaning the seats of your car

Washing vegetables with a spray wand

Shaking a bag of microwavable popcorn

A pulsating shower head

Opening or closing the security gate at the entrance to a store

Scrapping toast with a knife

Cutting metal with a hacksaw

Shaking bird seed

Rubbing your bare hands together

Salt/sander truck

A dishwasher

Somebody scratching a beard

Shaking a piggy bank

Cutting a baguette with a bread knife

Trying to start old farm diesel engine in the cold

Rolling a case of beer on the metal conveyer

Manual car wash sprayer

Rubbing winter mittens together

Shaking a box of paper clips

Shaking tack in a tinfoil tray

White noise

Scraping ice off the driveaway with a shovel

Newspaper printing press

Rubbing a piece of paper on a desk

Scratching a lottery ticket

A clothes dryer

Cleaning a flat top with a flat top stone

Using a nail file

Using the toe or heel of your boot and moving it around on a rough floor

A Pressure Canner

Cutting wood with a handsaw

Shaking a bag of coffee beans

A washing machine

Shaking a can of Whiskas

Two sanding blocks rubbing against each other

Moving a computer mouse back and forth on a desk

Paddling a paddle boat

Scrubbing a toilet

Using a grinder to make bread crumbs

Shaking a bag of rice

Grating carrots

Brushing a carpet with a scrub brush

Painting with a roller

A roller coaster coming towards or going away

Scrubbing upholstery to clean it

Shaking a cocktail shaker full of drink

Pushing a straw broom quickly across a floor

Putting a pencil in an electric pencil sharpener

Filing your nails

Shaking a bean bag item

A lint roller

Pushing shopping carts into the cart shelter

Rubbing a balloon on your head to create static

Pouring a box of KD into the pot of water

The dryer machine at the end of a carwash

Shaking a box of smarties

Shuffling a tray of nuts and bolts

A glass of ice and water

Going through a car wash

Shaking rice in a metal container

Scribbling on a piece of paper with a pencil


A backscratcher

Rubbing 2 pieces of styrofoam together

Rubbing your hands together

The foot brush you wipe your feet off on before you go in the house

A steam engine or steamboat engine

Grinding coffee beans

Shaking a box of rice

Trying to start a car or truck

Shaking a tin can with change in it

Old style washing machine with the spinner

Spinning a Bingo ball cage

An air gun

An indoor exercise machine

Sweeping on a sheet of curling ice

Peeling/shredding carrots

Scrubbing a tile floor

Pulling french fries out of the fryer and shaking them dry

Erasing a chalkboard or dry-erase board

Panning for gold

Going through a touchless car wash

A beer rubbing off a microphone

Pushing a push broom

Drying your hands under a hand dryer

Cleaning the sink with a bristle brush

The water hitting your window in a car wash

Cleaning cat litter

Scrubbing a cutting board

Blowing on a pinwheel

A kid’s punching balloon/inflatable with sand in the bottom

Scratching Styrofoam

Shaking a box of cereal

Shaking Moroccans

Shaking a box of puzzle pieces

Shaking a box of pasta

Cleaning your BBQ with a wire scraper

Spraying something with the kitchen sink ‘sprayer’

Shaking a bag of dog treats

The bottom of a revolving door

A train

Sanding drywall

Shaking a bag of road salt

Shaking a metal sheet

Sifting flour

Driving through a car wash

Metal brush cleaning a bbq grill

Shaking rice inside a balloon

Shaking an etch-a-ketch

Scraping ice off your car

A scouring pad scrubbing dishes

Starting a crappy snow blower with the electric start

Using sandpaper

A floor waxer

Using sandpaper while wood-working

Jiffy Pop popcorn being popped on top of the stove

Opening or closing a garage door

Handsaw cutting through wood

Sound of the washing machine going into the spin cycle

Shaking salt on the driveway

Sound #7

See all the guesses below:

Biting & chewing celery

Opening & closing an Exacto knife

Pulling out dental floss

Setting a cooking timer

Cracking a nut using a nutcracker and the pieces falling into your hand

An automatic card dealer

Loading a pneumatic stapler

Pulling the floss out from between your teeth

Locking a deadbolt and pulling across the chain

Using a manual salt or pepper grinder

Opening a can of sardines

A rocking  chair

Taking an extra bite out of an apple

Winding up an old fashioned alarm clock

A packing tape dispenser going over a box and ripping the tape

Playing with a Rubik’s Cube

Opening a metal fruit cup

Biting into a crunchy carrot

Putting a pencil in a pencil sharpener and turning it a few times

Turning the knob on a candy dispenser

Using the jack on the car

Crushing a can

Crushing/bending a pop or beer can until it breaks

A salt or pepper grinder

Tic tacs spilling out of the container and tilting it back

Cracking lobster claws or crab legs

Using a 3-hole punch

Shucking corn

A garlic press

Opening a can of chips

A fishing reel

Using an abacus

A dog chewing on an ice cube

Opening a beer or pop can

Shuffling a deck of cards

Scotch tape being pulled and torn off a dispenser

Putting a key in a lock and turning it

Shuffling a deck of cards

Cracking your knuckles

Splitting wood with an axe, then pulling it apart

Cracking a glow stick to activate it

Biting a stack of potato chips

Sophie Hodgins won $1,200  for guessing “Lighting a BBQ Lighter” 

Sound #6

See all the guesses below:

A basketball hitting pavement

Hitting an overturned plastic bucket

A deadbolt on a door

Pulling on a boot

Closing a microwave oven

Depressing a bass drum pedal

Dropping a ball on the floor

Closing a wooden desk drawer

Punching a punching bag

Opening or shutting a vehicle door

Stacking books on a bookshelf

Shooting a Nerf gun

Tapping a microphone

A dripping tap

The clicking of the second hand of a battery-operated clock

A staple gun

Plugging in an electric guitar into an amp

Releasing a filled knotted balloon

Giving yourself a high five to the chest

Lifting up and releasing the wiper blade on the car

Running your finger under the needle of a record player

A dart hitting a dartboard

Kicking a box into a wall

Closing the door of a personal safe

Flicking a plastic inflatable

Closing a filing cabinet drawer

Hitting the pedal on a bass drum

Fanning out the sheets when making a bed

Closing the lid on the deep freeze

Kicking a soccer ball

Kicking snow off a boot

Power locks on a vehicle door

Opening or closing a window

Throwing a tennis ball against the wall

Closing a freezer door

Sealing the lid of a Tupperware dish

Opening a Briefcase

A very light hammer

Opening or closing a briefcase

Moving an office chair up or down with a lever

Closing the trunk of a car

A three-hole punch

Doing a mic-check by hitting it

Closing a laptop

Closing the door

A Mic Drop

Chocolate Bar Drops out of a vending machine

Keeping the money in a glovebox

Sliding a patio door closed

Scuffing the heel of a shoe on the ground

Putting the water jug on a water cooler

The buildup of snow in the wheel well falling to the ground

Dropping books

The ball return on a pinball machine

Scoring a goal in air hockey

Hitting a beach ball

Hitting a bongo drum

Dropping a microphone

Closing the lid on one of the big wheelie garbage bins

Dough hitting the counter

Closing the lid on a garbage can

Throwing a ball against the wall

A balloon popping

The arm coming down in an arm-wrestling match

Hitting a tennis ball with a racket

Hanging up a telephone

Closing a cupboard door

Opening or closing the lid of a bread box

Stamping a document with an ink stamp

Shooting a nail from a nail gun into a piece of wood

A keyless door lock

Punching a pillow

Puck hitting the boards

The needle end of a vinyl record going around

Snowball hitting a window or door

Flipping a water bottle and having it land right-side-up

Opening the carry on compartment on an airplane

A door knocker coming to rest when you’re done

Closing the lid to a waste collection bin

Dropping a stylus on a record

Closing a cupboard door

Windshield wipers in motion

Closing the top of a Keurig machine

Closing the lazy boy recliner

Opening or closing the gas cap

Pressing a key on the keyboard

Placing a full Tim Horton’s cup on a table

Opening and closing a cooler lid

Closing the lid to an ottoman or furniture storage compartment

Leaning skis or a snowboard up against a wall

Dropping dough on the table

Closing a hardcover book

Closing the top of a photocopier machine

Putting glasses into a glasses case and closing the case

Putting a bag of milk in the container and hitting it on the counter

Opening a trunk on a car with a remote

Closing a window

Shooting and hitting a target with a bow and arrow

Dumping the garbage can

Tapping a stethoscope

Closing a freezer door

Closing a sliding pocket door

Closing window blinds

Lowering the tailgate of a pickup truck

Closing a car’s glove compartment

A surround sound system booting up/connecting

Folding in the leg of a folding table

Opening an umbrella

A suction cup dart

Axe throwing and hitting the target

Closing the dryer door

Tossing a bean bag

Unlocking a sliding door

An automatic ball thrower/pitcher

The ball return at a bowling alley

Tapping an acoustic guitar with your hand

Putting a cordless phone into the charging base

Closing a big plastic ladder

Closing the door of a safe

Automatic door stop

Firing off a t-shirt cannon

Hitting your hand on the table by the microphone

Dropping  a full laundry basket on the floor

Icicle coming off the eaves-trough hitting the ground

Closing the hood of a car

An untippable sippy cup hitting the floor

A Teeter Totter

A Paper towel dispenser

The door opening on a top loading CD player

Closing the crisper drawer in the fridge

Kicking a football

A mail stamp machine

Turning on the power to a subwoofer

Stephane Lacroix  won $3,775  for guessing “Flipping the sun visor in your car” 

Sound #5

See all the guesses below:

Dropping a ping pong ball on the table

Stapling two pieces of paper

Sliding cutlery into a container

Opening a can of beer

Cutting paper

Sliding a knife into a sharpener

Tape measure retracting

Flipping a switch

Dialling a rotary phone

Axe throwing and hitting the target

Derek Rose won $350 for guessing “the spring of a stapler retracting when refilling it”

Sound #4

See all the guesses below:

Closing a screen door

Opening a can of Pringles

Pulling a Lysol wipeout of the tub

Lowering the window blinds

A break shot in a game of pool

Cutting an onion

A knife slicing through an apple

A manual paper cutter

A portable paper trimmer

Retracting a measuring tape

Arrow hitting a target

Cutting through a head of lettuce on a cutting board

Laying down a playing card

Pulling a playing card out of the deck

Swiping or inserting a debit card into a machine

Scraping the ice or snow of a windshield

A salt and pepper mill

ripping a piece of paper against a table or ruler

Pulling a playing card off the table

Pulling a knife out of a sharpener

Shooting a puck down a mini shuffleboard

Sliding a drawer closed

Taking a slapshot with a mini stick

Ripping off a Band-Aid

A tape measure retracting

Shaving/wiping away the shaving cream

Slurping up some spaghetti

Turning the page of a book

Sliding a nameplate into a holder

Using a letter opener to open a letter

Putting paper in a printer and sliding the drawer

Cutting a piece of paper with scissors

Shutting a window

Sliding closed a screen door

Ripping the label off a water bottle

Using a metal spatula to flip something on a grill

Peeling a carrot with a vegetable peeler

Pulling a kleenex out of the box

Pulling out the dryer lint tray

Sliding the beads across an abacus

Dropping a document into manila envelope

Doing a hard stop on ice skates

Pulling curtains across a curtain rod

Shuffling a Deck of cards

Pulling back the foil seal on a (coffee) can

Sliding a beer into a cooler

Shaking a container of paper clips

Pulling a rubber glove off your hand

Extending the aluminum arm of a telescopic snowbrush

Closing a screen door

Cutting a watermelon in half

Angie Shupe won $1575 for guessing “Sliding an LP/Record into a sleeve” 

Sound #3

See all the guesses below:

Flossing your teeth

Folding a piece of paper and sliding fingernail along the crease

Ripping open a sugar pack and pouring

A drip from a faucet

Tearing and dropping a piece of cardboard

Retractable tape measure

Maple syrup dripping into a can

Peeling the lid off aluminum can

Opening a tin can of fruit

Dialing a rotary phone

Striking a match

Pulling back a matchbox car

Sipping a coffee and putting down the cup

Pulling up a piece of tape on a dispenser and tearing it off

Opening a mini coffee creamer cup and tearing off the seal

Opening up a can of pop and ripping off the tab

Opening a tub of Pringles chips

Taking the tinfoil lid off of a cream cheese container

Cocking & shooting a Nerf gun

Pulling dental floss out of the case & tearing it

Peeling a sticky note and sticking it to something

Spinning a fidget spinner

Closing a window and locking it

Letter opener opening a letter

Pulling up a piece of scotch tape in a dispenser and tearing it off

Releasing and catching a yoyo

Flicking a Bic lighter

Opening a bottle of beer and slowly letting out the pressure

Opening a straw and putting it in a juice box

Putting helium in a balloon and tying it off

Dropping the needle on a record

Opening a tea bag & dropping it in a cup

Peeling the lid off of a take-out butter container

Pushing a button and starting a fireplace

Loading film into a camera

A retractable dog leash

Lowering an office chair

The sound of a spinning top toy

Chalk writing on a chalkboard

Twisting off the plastic cap and unsealing a drink carton

Flipping something in a frying pan

Using a highlighter and putting the cap back on

Loading the office stapler, and closing it back up

Automatic paper cutter, cutting paper

Pushing down the handle on a Viewfinder

Removing and replacing a post-it note from a mirror

An old typewriter

Taking the lid off of a water bottle

Shooting a puck across the ice and hitting the boards

Running scissors along a ribbon to curl

Cutting glass or tile and snapping it

Closing a zip lock bag

Unpeeling & sticking (or unsticking) one of those plastic hook stickers to a wall

Cutting a rubber band with a pair of scissors

Taking the plastic ring off a frozen juice can

The turning mechanism in a deadlock

Pulling a card from a deck of cards, then throwing it on the table

A CD ejecting

Crokinole piece sliding across the board and into the middle

A kids softball pitcher

Turning off a gas stove

Inserting a credit or debit card into a gas pump to pay

Taking the top off a plastic pop bottle

Sound of a timer in a board game

Zipping up your coat & then buttoning a button

Opening the Velcro strap on an umbrella & then sliding it open

Closing a sliding patio door & locking it

Taking a piece of paper out of a three ring binder and closing the clasp

An electronic door lock

Pulling the freshness seal off a can of coffee

A staple remover

An automatic air freshener

Rewinding a video tape

Pushing a dart into a toy gun

Opening up a can of Pringles

Pulling a knife out of a self sharpener

Pulling saran/cling wrap over a plate of leftovers & snapping it into place

A metronome

Running a spoon along the inside of a yogurt container

Scissors cutting cardboard

Peeling a sticky note and sticking it to a computer screen

Peeling a price tag off of something

Peeling the foil off a tetra juice pack and clicking the top back on

Tape measure

Sliding playing card across a table and flipping it over

Sealing a giant zip lock bag with the clip

Using a flipper on a skillet

Lighting a zippo lighter and closing the top

Removing a tin from the packaging (sardines) and snapping off the key

Pulling a retractable key-card cord and letting it snap back in place

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Retracting the cord on a vacuum cleaner

A bayblade spinner toy

Someone sucking through a straw

Turning the dial on a combination safe lock

Running your fingers across a new bill and flicking the end

Toy racecar switching lanes on an electric track

Using a tape gun and tearing off the tape

Candy coming out of a pez dispenser

A ziplock bag

Opening or closing a magic screen (magnet screen door)

Sliding a ski boot into a binding and locking it

Opening the bag inside a box of cereal and closing the box

Checking the oil in a car, using a dipstick

Blowing a bubble with bubble gum and popping it

Tearing off the end of the paper cover of a straw and blowing the paper at someone

Taking a piece of paper off a clipboard and closing the clasp

Opening up a Pillsbury dough container

Pressure cooker being released

Opening a COVID-19 rapid test

Needle on the end of an lp on a turntable

Writing on a white board

Swiping a credit/debit card

A working convection oven

Pulling a piece of paper off a pad of paper, and sticking it somewhere with a magnet

Scraping a fork across paper, and then tapping the counter with it

A receipt machine tearing a receipt at the end of a transaction

Blowing the paper covering off a straw

Opening a band-aid and pulling it out of a package

An automatic label maker making a label

Paper going through a printers

Opening a propane tank on a barbecue

The sound from an automatic stapler

Igniting a propane barbecue

Troweling cement onto a brick

Fastening a zip tie together and clipping off the end

Pulling a debit card out of a sleeve and tapping to pay

Opening and closing a knife

Doing up a zipper and closing the snap

Sliding your finger across your phone to unlock it

Taking off a piece of plastic wrap and snapping it off at the end

Winding the back of an old style manual alarm

Scooping up a burger and putting it on a plate

Pulling out a tape measure and locking it in place

Depressing the switch in a multi-colour bic pen

Peeling a vegetable and dropping the peel into the sink

A keyless entry card being swiped & door opening

Opening a can of pop

Pouring spices out of a tin and closing the lid

Retractable Dog Leash

Pulling up a pull tab on a cat food tin

Screen of a patio door sliding closed and latching it

Opening a toaster oven

Shooting a shuffleboard rock

Taking a playing card from a deck and placing it on a table

Putting on a seatbelt

Closing a pair of scissors and putting them down

Pulling off the plastic tab to open a salad or nuts container

Underlining something with a marker & putting the cap back on

Switching the line on an air hose

Casting a line from a reel and clicking the rail down

Ripping open a sugar packet and flicking it with your finger

Taking a bill out of a wallet and shutting the wallet

Pulling the retractable handle on a suitcase

Counting out money on a table

Putting a Kuerig pod into the machine

Splatting some cookie dough on a cooking sheet

Playing out a VHS or cassette until the end

Putting on handcuffs

A scrap-book cutter

Changing the drill bit in a power drill

Shooting a spitball

Sliding half the cards off the deck and tapping them on the table

Using a highlighter on a piece of paper and putting the cap on

Sliding the weight on a triple beam scale

Removing a straw from the paper wrapper and inserting

Using a salad spinner

Steve Bryant  guessed “Pulling Chop Sticks out of the package and splitting them open” and won $4,725 !

Sound #2

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A door stopper

Graham Lemieux guessed “a dart being thrown at a dart board” and won $125!

Sound #1

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Ripping a piece of paper and dropping it on the floor

Jim Budd of Orillia guessed “Ripping a packet of sugar and pouring it in a cup” and won $125!