Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound

Think you know the Secret Sound? Try your luck and maybe win $10,000. Listen to the secret sound as often as you want and see all the incorrect guesses so far

The Rock 95 $10,000 Secret Sound Contest IS BACK!

We wanted to kick off 2022 right by giving you the chance to win BIG. Think you know what the Secret Sound is?

Listen for the cue to call to guess, we’ll be giving you 13 chances every weekday, from 7am up to and including 7pm. Make sure you’re the 9th caller through at 705-721-7625 when you hear it to play!

The pot will start at $100. For every wrong answer we’ll add another $25 to the pot, up to $10,000!

Rock 95’s $10,000 Secret Sound Contest  only on Barrie’s Rock Station…Rock 95!


Sound #3

See all the guesses below:

Flossing your teeth

Folding a piece of paper and sliding fingernail along the crease

Ripping open a sugar pack and pouring

A drip from a faucet

Tearing and dropping a piece of cardboard

Retractable tape measure

Maple syrup dripping into a can

Peeling the lid off aluminum can

Opening a tin can of fruit

Dialing a rotary phone

Striking a match

Pulling back a matchbox car

Sipping a coffee and putting down the cup

Pulling up a piece of tape on a dispenser and tearing it off

Opening a mini coffee creamer cup and tearing off the seal

Opening up a can of pop and ripping off the tab

Opening a tub of Pringles chips

Taking the tinfoil lid off of a cream cheese container

Cocking & shooting a Nerf gun

Pulling dental floss out of the case & tearing it

Peeling a sticky note and sticking it to something

Spinning a fidget spinner

Closing a window and locking it

Letter opener opening a letter

Pulling up a piece of scotch tape in a dispenser and tearing it off

Releasing and catching a yoyo

Flicking a Bic lighter

Opening a bottle of beer and slowly letting out the pressure

Opening a straw and putting it in a juice box

Putting helium in a balloon and tying it off

Dropping the needle on a record

Opening a tea bag & dropping it in a cup

Peeling the lid off of a take-out butter container

Pushing a button and starting a fireplace

Loading film into a camera

A retractable dog leash

Lowering an office chair

The sound of a spinning top toy

Chalk writing on a chalkboard

Twisting off the plastic cap and unsealing a drink carton

Flipping something in a frying pan

Using a highlighter and putting the cap back on

Loading the office stapler, and closing it back up

Automatic paper cutter, cutting paper

Pushing down the handle on a Viewfinder

Removing and replacing a post-it note from a mirror

An old typewriter

Taking the lid off of a water bottle

Shooting a puck across the ice and hitting the boards

Running scissors along a ribbon to curl

Cutting glass or tile and snapping it

Closing a zip lock bag

Unpeeling & sticking (or unsticking) one of those plastic hook stickers to a wall

Cutting a rubber band with a pair of scissors

Taking the plastic ring off a frozen juice can

The turning mechanism in a deadlock

Pulling a card from a deck of cards, then throwing it on the table

A CD ejecting

Crokinole piece sliding across the board and into the middle

A kids softball pitcher

Turning off a gas stove

Inserting a credit or debit card into a gas pump to pay

Taking the top off a plastic pop bottle

Sound of a timer in a board game

Zipping up your coat & then buttoning a button

Opening the Velcro strap on an umbrella & then sliding it open

Closing a sliding patio door & locking it

Taking a piece of paper out of a three ring binder and closing the clasp

An electronic door lock

Pulling the freshness seal off a can of coffee

A staple remover

An automatic air freshener

Rewinding a video tape

Pushing a dart into a toy gun

Opening up a can of Pringles

Pulling a knife out of a self sharpener

Pulling saran/cling wrap over a plate of leftovers & snapping it into place

A metronome

Running a spoon along the inside of a yogurt container

Scissors cutting cardboard

Peeling a sticky note and sticking it to a computer screen

Peeling a price tag off of something

Peeling the foil off a tetra juice pack and clicking the top back on

Tape measure

Sliding playing card across a table and flipping it over

Sealing a giant zip lock bag with the clip

Using a flipper on a skillet

Lighting a zippo lighter and closing the top

Removing a tin from the packaging (sardines) and snapping off the key

Pulling a retractable key-card cord and letting it snap back in place

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Retracting the cord on a vacuum cleaner

A bayblade spinner toy

Someone sucking through a straw

Turning the dial on a combination safe lock

Running your fingers across a new bill and flicking the end

Toy racecar switching lanes on an electric track

Using a tape gun and tearing off the tape

Candy coming out of a pez dispenser

A ziplock bag

Opening or closing a magic screen (magnet screen door)

Sliding a ski boot into a binding and locking it

Opening the bag inside a box of cereal and closing the box


Sound #2

See all the guesses below:

A door stopper

Graham Lemieux guessed “a dart being thrown at a dart board” and won $125!

Sound #1

See all the guesses below:

Ripping a piece of paper and dropping it on the floor

Jim Budd of Orillia guessed “Ripping a packet of sugar and pouring it in a cup” and won $125!