Hitting the Road Safely

Does your vehicle have a recall?

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With Phase 2 of the pandemic underway and now with the the ability to travel to different parts of the province, many families will be hitting the road in the coming weeks and taking advantage of the clear driving conditions and summer weather for a little get-away to visit family or friends in their social circles.  With many cars that have been just sitting in driveways for sometimes weeks on end, now is the time to ensure your car is up for any kind of road trip and for you to be able to travel with peace of mind while visiting with friends or family this summer.

Generally, close to 58% of Canadians say they will be take some type of road trip for a summer get-a-way, although many don’t realize that their vehicle may be under a recall from the manufacturer.  Vehicle recall notices can be disorganized and even sometimes difficult for owners to find out about. Especially if you bought your car used.

There is a way to protect yourself and your family from vehicle safety defects.  You can start with this Transport Canada website to see what recalls may have been issued for your type of vehicle.  You can also check with the local dealership that sells the type of vehicle you own to see if your particular type of automobile has any recalls associated with it.

These recalls are generally free repairs that can be made at your local dealership, and then once you have any safety issues addressed, you can then have your car inspected and tuned up and ready for the road in the coming weeks giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle will get you to where you want to go.