Noel and Liam Gallagher Broke up Oasis Over a Board Game wasn't Monopoly!

They say fighting with your siblings is normal…in Liam and Noel Gallagher’s case, it’s definitely not. We all know their irreconcilable differences is the reason Oasis broke up, and now we’ve learned its over a board game.

They were apparently huge fans of the board game Trouble. They used to take it on tour everywhere they went. They loved it so much that they even had a custom made Oasis version.

Noel told Matt Morgan on his Funny How? Podcast that the brothers used to play for cash and Noel was up by about $1,200 at one point, when Liam accused him of rigging the game by unscrewing the glass dome that holds the dice and greasing the dice. That disagreement is what led to the huge fight backstage at the 2009 gig in Paris, France that ultimately led to the band’s demise.

Noel says he took the board game from the dressing room that day and still keeps it in his dressing room today.

(cover photo via Alterna2 flickr)