Fire Safety Blitz In Barrie Finds One Home Compliant

Many homeowners thought they were 'fire safe'

Barrie Fire Safety officials made the rounds on Highview Road Monday after an early morning fire left a family of four homeless. An After The Fire Blitz they call it, going door-to-door talking fire safety and checking for alarms. Fire and Life Safety Officer Samantha Hoffmann says only one home they were invited into was fully compliant with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Here’s what they found:

  • Alarms missing because the family took them down to paint
  • Outdated alarms
  • Smoke alarms still in packages
  • Insufficient alarms (fire code requires one alarm per storey)
  • Missing batteries

The most disturbing thing, says Hoffmann, is that “that these homeowners invited us into their homes because the fully believed they were compliant. People don’t know what they don’t know and when it comes to the lifespan of smoke alarms I would say most people have no idea that they don’t last forever!”

photo courtesyPaul Swansen via Flickr